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Part 2: Act 1

SSNeoman posted:

Goddamn I love the writing in this game. Especially Sarrano and Rell.

Interesting thing to note is that the original 15 Men on a Dead Man's chest didn't have that line; it was a fictional sea shanty from Treasure Island of which the author only wrote two couplets. A poet later expanded it into a full poem called The Derelict, which is what we nowadays know as 15 Men on a Dead Man's Chest. Grey is quite the renaissance man for a drunk, foul-mouthed mercenary. Which was a touch I always liked.
And no, that's not bad writing. Grey is a pretty smart guy, the game just never explicitly points it out.
Nice to have that cleared up. I had an inkling it was like that but I'd p. much forgotten. I do prefer playing this game thinking that Grey isn't so much stupid as he is dealing with a bad case of waking up still drunk from before passing out on re-entry. You do get glimpses at the decent person he was before finding out he'd been lied to throughout the game. Anyway, on to
(cut version) with Ceciltron

In which we move through a massive mining complex that couldn't possibly be made by the natives, see machines bearing Confederate markings, and learn about the Skillshot system controlled by our Instinct Leash! Just why would Final Echo soldiers be having their performance rated by such a system?