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Part 3: Act 2

MonkeyforaHead posted:

Word from the Steam thread is PCF just went independent again and managed to take the Bulletstorm license with them. If we suddenly see it get a patch to remove GFWL in the coming months, there may yet be hope.
It's nice that People Can Fly are now free to pursue whatever project they want when they're done with Fortnite. Except a lot of the leading people who worked on Bulletstorm left not long after it came out to work on The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and there's a good deal of ex-PCF people at Flying Wild Hog making a sequel to the Shadow Warrior reboot, I'm not sure if any of them came onto the team after Bulletstorm. I mean to be fair, Fortnite looks great and I sincerely hope it works out but the PCF working on Fortnite is not the same PCF who made Bulletstorm. But that's there, this is now, and now I'd like to dish out
(cut version) with Corn in the Bible AKA Crowfeathers

In which we reach the outskirts of the city on Stygia, have our first meeting with that elite Final Echo trooper who could lead us to Sarrano and finally we survey the Terrordome.

I'd like to point out that the environment this act starts you out in looks like a tech demo for all kinds of effects. The rock formations around the lagoon Gray and Ishi climb out of has a lot of caustics on the sides that face the water, this is also the first time we see both of Stygia's suns, even though only one of them is casting godrays. I believe this was the first game to come out on what they then called Unreal Engine 3.5 and it's clear they wanted to show it. I also didn't go deep enough into it but this act introduces every collectable in the game: The electric bug swarms (shoot the bugs, get the points), the newsbots (explode it, get points) and the bottles (drink and kill or shoot the bottle, both gets you points). I'm not really planning on 100% completion with any of these, but I'd like to get close. Since I'm not drinking the bottles I might as well show the effects off in a bonus video later on.