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Part 7: Act 5 Part 1
(cut version) with kalonZombie

In which we board the monorail, bear witness to further effects of nuclear radiation on the people of Stygia and learn Trishka's reason for becoming a soldier.

This is another act I'm splitting in two. I do like the little juxtaposition we get here, between fighting the Burnouts and the Skulls. The Skulls clearly have some sort of hierarchy with distinct societal roles, knowledge of how to use and maintain machines and some knowledge of English. The Burnouts meanwhile barely look like they tolerate one another, move to wherever there's something to kill and are completely unintelligible. Putting an extended fight with one just before the other is a good way to emphasise just how much more trouble the Burnouts would be for Operation Anarchy than either of the gangs introduced before them.