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Part 1: Characters/Cliques

James "Jimmy" Hopkins

Jimmy is protagonist of Bully. He is 15-years old, short, and stocky. His home life is a bit troubled and at the beginning of the game, he is dropped off at Bullworth Academy while his mom and new step-dad goes on their honeymoon... for a year.

Before Bullworth Academy, Jimmy had been expelled from seven schools and staying at Bullworth is his only chance to avoid juvenile detention.

Overall, Jimmy is a bit rough around the edges and can be mean and disrespectful. However, at his core, he tries to do what is right and will respect those who respect him.


Gary Smith

Gary is the first person at Bullworth who seemed to befriend Jimmy. Unfortunately, Gary also has a very bad reputation at the school which he probably deserves.

Gary is manipulative, sadistic, and also medicated for other behavioral problems. Despite his instability, Gary is high-functioning and very observant.

Pete Kowalski

Pete is a small, shy boy who is often picked on by... well, everyone. Gary does a lot of the picking but even Jimmy doesn't really respect Pete. Despite all this, he still hangs out with Jimmy and Gary.

Angie Ng

Angie is a shy girl and good friends with Christy. She is typically rather friendly and discourages other from fighting. She likes bunnies.

Christy Martin

Chris is a bubbly and outgoing girl who loves to gossip. However, she doesn't seem to let facts get in the way of good gossip so everything she says should be taken with a grain of salt.

Eunice Pound

Eunice is a non-clique girl who will never accept flowers because she prefers chocolate. She is somewhat clumsy and hopes that things will get better for her in the future.

Ivan Alexander

Ivan is a non-clique boy who suffers from multiple sleeping disorders including sleeping with his eyes open during his daily tasks. Often feels tired and is on medication for his "mood".

Constantinos Brakus

Constantinos is the constant pessimist and often a very depressing person to be around. He also tends to lie and a kleptomaniac.

Constantinos is the target you played against in the Penalty Shots minigame as well as the school mascot. When dressed as the school mascot, he is much tougher than normal.

Ray Hughes

Ray is an overweight boy who was the previous new boy. He is friendly but has problem making friends. He also has a very wild imagination and makes a reference to Bully's controversy.

"They say that kids imitate characters from videogames, but I have yet to become a mustached plumber!"

Lance Jackson

Lance might be the sibling of Bo and Gloria Jackson. He is generally pleasant but can also be very conceit. He feels the fact that he doesn't like fighting or trying to be cool makes him better than other people. He also enjoys reading.

Trevor Moore

Trevor is slightly taller than the other non-clique boys and is a very goal oriented. He is working hard toward an academic scholarship and wants to leave the rowdy environment of Bullworth Academy.

Gordon Wakefield

Gordon is very egotistic and arrogant. He often talks about himself and how great he is like how he's been recruited by several Ivy League schools. He also blames other for his problems.

Karen Johnson

Karen is a huge sports fan and even gets along with Mr. Burton. Also talks about the jocks a lot and wishes the school had a field hockey team.

Gloria Jackson

Gloria is a small black girl who is very intelligent and precocious. Like her possible sibling, Lance, she can be a bit conceited but mostly just name drops various authors and philosophers that she reads.

Melody Adams

Melody seems like a "goody two shoes" and regularly talks about how much she loves the school. However, she also seems to really like bad boys like Jimmy.

Sheldon Thompson

Sheldon is a teacher's pet to the point that even some teachers find him annoying. He wants to make friends but he doesn't realize that his annoying personality is why he can't make friends.

Pedro De La Hoya

Pedro is the smallest boy in the school and quite a mom's boy. He is very meek, often bullied, and constantly homesick. He calls Jimmy "sir" either out of fear or respect.

The Hobo

The Hobo is an alcoholic hobo that lives behind the broken schoolbus in the parking lot. He was a veteran of the Korean War and lost most of his platoon in a friendly fire incident.

He'll currently teach Jimmy new combat moves whenever Jimmy brings the Hobo a transistor.

Rudy, the Bum Santa

Rudy is a character that is exclusive to Bully: Scholarship Edition and Jimmy meet him for four missions at the start of Chapter 3. He pretends to be Santa to Jimmy though Jimmy isn't fooled. Seems to be a patron of the tracks.

Members of School Staff

Dr. Crabblesnitch

Dr. Crabblesnitch is the principal of Bullworth Academy. He seems to believe it's his life's calling to "fix" problem students. While he is very self-righteous, pompous, and authoritative, he rarely intervenes at the school. Instead, punishment and discipline is generally doled out by the Prefects and other members of staff.

Miss Danvers

Miss Danvers is Dr. Crabblesnitch's high strung secretary. She is very devoted to Dr. Crabblesnitch and seems to be in love with him and often talks in a dreamy, simpering manner to him.

She doesn't seem to like the students though. Or at least she doesn't seem to like Jimmy.

Mr. Hattrick

Mr. Hattrick teaches Math at Bullworth and seems to be very authoritative and self-righteous. He thinks poorly of all the students as well as his fellow teachers and there isn't really anyone who speaks positively of him.

Mr. Galloway

Mr. Galloway teaches English at Bullworth and has a bit of a drinking problem. He blames it on Hattrick trying to constantly get him fired. Unlike Hattrick, Galloway seems to be liked by the students and will often allow them to leave class early if they finish their work before time.

Ms. Philips

Ms. Philips is the Art and Photography teacher and seems very popular with the students. It may partly be due to her good looks but also since she is very encouraging of her students. She apparently is in love with Mr. Galloway.

Mr. Matthews

Mr. Matthews teaches Geography which is a class only found in Bully: Scholarship Edition. He can't be found in the original. He seems to be a kind teacher that assumes the best about his students.

Dr. Slawter

Dr. Slawter teaches Biology and is fond of taxidermy. He has a bit of a slow and morbid demeanor. Additionally, he seems to dislike the Preppies. He likes Jimmy though.

Dr. Watts

Dr. Watts is the chemistry teacher at Bullworth. He is strangely forgetful of whether he should be teaching class or whether he's given out homework or not. This may be due to him inhaling fumes from his experiments. Sells hair growth cream on the side.

Mr. Burton

Mr. Burton teaches gym and is the coach for the Bullworth football team. He seems like a former student athlete who is past his prime. He also is a bit of a pervert.


Edna is the Bullworth cook and incredibly dirty. She smokes, coughs, and spits while in the kitchen and often contaminates the food. Quite disgusting and unpopular with the students.

Mrs. Carvin

Mrs. Carvin is the school librarian and her life is centered around the library. She is rather old fashioned and seems to be contemptuous of modern society.

Mr. Luntz

Mr. Luntz is the school's janitor and store attendant. He also hates his life and his job and often is muttering to himself. He also isn't an authority figure and can get busted by the Prefects.

Mrs. McRae

Mrs. McRae is the school nurse and rather morbid, frequently talking about the inevitability of death. She also seems to hate children.


Neil is the shop teacher and never appears outside shop class normally. He doesn't seem to like the students very much and often tells them to shut and work.

Mrs. Peabody

Mrs. Peabody is the Girls' Dorm mother hen and the home economics teacher. She is very old fashioned and very strict about rules. Also, she seems to rather dislike boys and want Bullworth to be an all-girls school.

Miss Peters

Miss Peters is the school music teacher and seems like a hippy. However, she isn't above blackmail and threats like when she needed Jimmy to save the Christmas pageant.

Mr. Wiggins

Mr. Wiggins is the school history teacher and is occasionally seen wandering the campus. Other than that, he doesn't really play a role in the story.


Karl Branting

Karl is an extreme authoritarian and often talks about rules and enforcement. He also believes the academy needs more discipline and according to game dialogue and data, he is the head prefect.

Max MacTavish

Max aspires to join either the police or army and seems to believe himself an enforcer of justice. He isn't so much a bully as an overzealous authoritarian.

Edward Seymour II

Edward is a member of the Bullworth Sailing & Yacht club. His family's Alma Mater is Bullworth and it is possible that he was a Preppy when he was in school.

He often talks about taking pleasure in "kicking butt" as well as rashes or itches "down there".

Seth Kolbe

Seth is easiest the most sadistic prefect and views his job as an excuse to beat up people. He is also in charge of detention and tougher than the other prefects. He was possibly a Bully before becoming a prefect.


The Bullies can be identified by their untucked white school shirts, with blue denim jeans and sneakers. They tend to pick on the Nerds and non-clique students.

As a clique, they don't seem interested in school hierarchy or influence. They don't have a clubhouse either but do seem to believe that the parking lot is their turf.

Russell Northrop

Russel is the ridiculously large leader of the Bully clique. He attacked Jimmy on the first day because Jimmy had beat one of his bully buddies but was stopped by a teacher.

Jimmy is probably lucky that the fight was stopped since Russel is so large that he is known to bully members of all the other cliques including the Jocks.

Davis White

Davis is a small bully who will often be armed with a slingshot. Unfortunately, he decided to use his slingshot on Jimmy and that's why Jimmy has a slingshot now. However, Davis seems to have gotten a replacement slingshot already.

Ethan Robinson

Ethan is really into fighting and martial arts. He often talks about kung fu styles like "The Crane", "The Tiger", and "The Frog". He also rather likes ninjas.

Tom Gurney

Tom doesn't seem to enjoy bullying as much as the other bullies. He is rather paranoid and thinks everyone is out to get him. Tom's hobby seems to be watching horror movies.

Trent Northwick

Trent became a bully because he thinks bullying "helps make men out of the new kids". He is also an aspiring actor and part of Bullworth's drama club, summer theater camp, and a member of the photography club. His favorite class is photography because he likes to take pictures of girls.

Trent is bisexual and will kiss Jimmy. He is also seen on a date with Kirby on the mission 'Movie Tickets'.

Troy Miller

Troy enjoys mindless violence on television and in real life. He also seems rather stupid and gets confused easily.

Wade Martin

Wade is an angry bully and rather hates his home life and his father. It is possible that he is related to Christy since they have the same last name and hair color.


Nerds wear the green Astronomy Club sweaters with school slacks and all wear glasses. They are weak fighters but good with weapons, most of which they invented.

They typically hang out around the library and Dragon's Wing Comics shop. They advocate getting rid of all non-academic classes and are the enemies of the Bullies and the Jocks.

They have the lowest social status in the game and only above non-clique students. Will occasionally bully a non-clique student.

Earnest Jones

Earnest is the leader of the nerd clique so he values academics subjects over other subjects like PE or music. His is a mix of intelligence and arrogance. He ran for class president but it isn't known who won. However, it is pretty clear that he doesn't know what being class president actually means since his platform involved completely reworking the school's curriculum.

Algernon "Algie" Papadopoulos

Algie is a member of the nerd clique and is known for being generally anxious and wetting himself when nervous. He still seems to like violence as long as it isn't violence towards him.

Beatrice Trudeau

Beatrice is the girl member of the nerd clique and is often bullied by Mandy. Her dream is to become a doctor and cure cancer and is very smart. She has also friend-zoned Bucky pretty hardcore and is oblivious to Bucky's feelings.

During Chapter 1, Beatrice seems rather infatuated with Jimmy's bad boy attitude and Jimmy eventually returns her affections.

Bucky Pasteur

Bucky has bucked teeth and wears three watches. He seems to be have feelings for Beatrice but he keeps it to himself.

Seems to be struggling academically especially in English but seems interested in science when he needed Jimmy help get parts he needed for his project.

Fatty Johnson

Fatty's real name is unknown and is only referred to as Fatty throughout the whole game. He is known for his poor personal hygiene and this apparently helps him manufacture stink bombs.

Melvin O'Connor

Melvin seems to love roleplaying games and occasionally pretends to be in a roleplaying game and offering people Groats as a reward.

Cornelius Johnson

Cornelius is very academically oriented, even by Nerd standards, with Math being his favorite subject. He has a 4.0 GPA.

Outside of academics, Cornelius plays GnG and apparently an amazing Juliet in the drama club. He is also bisexual and has a crush on Mandy.

Donald Anderson

Donald is a rather arrogant nerd and works as Dr. Watts' lab assistant. He is also a bit rage-filled and has a list of people who he hates and plots to get revenge on them one day.

Thad Carlson

Thad has a slight lisp and rather fond of yardsticks. Also, he is well-known for making weapons. He is also the younger brother of Dan Wilson despite the different last name.


Preps are well-dressed and easily identified by their Aquaberry clothing. They are all rich, snobbing, and looks down on people below their social standing. Because of the latter, they have a running rivalry with the Greasers.

Seems to have some cases of cousins marrying.

Derby Harrington

Derby is the leader of the Preppies and his family is one of the main benefactors of the school. This is why the Preppies frat house on campus is called the Harrington House. Also, seems to be a Republican or at least uses "Democrat" as an insult.

Bif Taylor

Bif is a big, strong Preppie and the boxing champion of the boxing club. He is the second hardest character in free roam right after Russel. He is also the second-in-command of the Preppies and bodyguard for Derby.

Pinky Gauthier

Pinky is spoiled and feels she should be treated like a Princess. She is Derby Harrington's cousin and her family was encouraging the two the eventually marry.

Gord Vendome

Gord is a small Preppie whose father is a lawyer. He is working towards law school. Overall, he seemed a bit obsessed about his clothing since he often talks about his clothing before fighting and after losing.

Tad Spencer

Tad is a Preppie that is very obsessed with social standing. His accent is in fact fake and his family is actually New Money. However, his family is really rich even among the Preppies.

Bryce Montrose

Bryce's father is apparently the broker for all of the Preps' fathers' businesses. However, Bryce's family is hitting hard times, with his father wasting away his inheritance on "gambling, booze and women". Bryce considers himself a fighting machine, repeatedly referring to the different forms of fighting he knows.

Chad Morris

Chad is arrogant with a sense of self-importance to go with his mean streak though he seems insecure about his physical appearance. He is very fond of his dog, Chester, and will defend it from other students.

Justin Vandervelde

Justin is very enthusiastic about joining the sports team and wonders whether Jock leader Ted would want a Prep friend. He also is very into throwing eggs at people and egg puns.

Parker Ogilvie

Parker is one of three Preppies who don't speak with a faux English accent, the other two being Bif and Pinky. He wonders why he can't buy friends. He is similarly inept with girls; he wants a girlfriend but doesn't seem to understand how girls work. He has a sister.


Greasers look like 50's throwback with their slicked-back hair and leather or denim jackets. They have an interest in bikes and auto shop class.

They are enemies of the Preppies and the Townies.

Johnny Vincent

Johnny is the leader of the Greasers and very protective of his girl-friend, Lola. Unfortunately for him, Lola doesn't share his devotion.

However, Johnny attacks anyone he suspects of being with Lola instead of doing anything to Lola. Might be due to his honor or his mad love for Lola. Though he still calls her a slut a lot.

Lola Lombardi

Lola is Johnny's manipulative, attention-seeking and promiscuous girlfriend. She uses her looks and sexual confidence to manipulate boys into doing stuff for her.

Her dialogue frequently contains double entendres.

Peanut Romano

Peanut is an average sized Greaser that is very close to Johnny Vincent. He seems to be in some position of power and other Greasers will sometimes do what he wants.

Norton Williams

Norton is the biggest Greaser and is tied for the second toughest Greaser. He seems to have some authority in the clique though he might not be the second-in-command.

Personality wise, Norton seems to be the stereotypical tough guy with a soft side. He enjoys sunsets and contemplates love and poetry, much like Ponyboy from The Outsiders, and appears to have some self-esteem issues.

Hal Esposito

Hal is overweight and uses his weight to his advantage during fights. Hal is physically attracted to overweight women including Edna and Eunice. He admits that he eats to "mask emotional pain".

Lefty Mancini

Lefty is concerned with his image, and puts on, in his own words, a tough guy act. According to Lefty, he is Bullworth's first Italian.

Lucky De Luca

Lucky is an advocate of staying in school and of holding an honest blue collar job. He considers himself to be a nice guy and gets irritated when others think the opposite.

Ricky Puchino

Ricky once had a girlfriend, who dumped him for spending too much time working on his bikes. He even mentions her in his fight dialogue when he says, "I just broke up with my chick and I'm gonna take it all out on your face!". Ricky has a grudge against the Jocks probably because his girlfriend left him for a Jock in the Bully comics.

Vance Medici

Vance is greatly concerned with his appearance, in particular his hair. Vance is bisexual and can be kissed by Jimmy. He has numerous speaking lines in which he is taking an interest in girls.


Jocks rule the school and have the most physical members. Typically in athletic clothing, they hang out around the gym and football field.

They are the enemy of the Nerds.

Ted Thompson

Ted is the leader of the Jocks and the star quarterback. Often seen with Damon and is dating Mandy. Strangely enough, he isn't that tough actually. Damon is way tougher.

Damon West

Damon is the second-in-command of the Jocks and the toughest. When Ted isn't around, he is tells other what to do. Strangely subservient and repeats everything Ted says when Ted is around.

Damon is also super-aggressive and will quickly attack any Nerd (or Jimmy) that wanders too close to the gym.

Mandy Wiles

Mandy is the girl member of the jock clique and the head cheerleader. She was seen being rather nasty to Beatrice.

Bo Jackson

Bo strongly desires to be quarterback and is openly planning on going for it after Ted graduates. He also values his education, though he seems to struggle with English class. Bo is thought to be the older brother of Lance and Gloria, since they are all intelligent, share the same skin color, and surname.

Casey Harris

Casey seems to be a bit girl crazy, but he's not very successful with them. He's also unsuccessful at English class and mentions having to retake it a third time. He is apparently on steroids given to him by Mr. Burton.

Dan Wilson

Dan is the older brother of Thad Carlson, and he was once a nerd and was bullied a lot. He claims that playing football defines his life but can sometimes be heard saying things that indicate he misses his old "nerdly" pursuits. According to nerd small-talk, Dan only recently became a jock.

Juri Karamazov

Juri seems to be very much a stereotypical Jock. He talks mainly about sports, has no respect for his education, and enjoys tormenting the Nerds. He prefers wrestling to football but does play on the school's football team.

Kirby Olsen

Kirby brags that he is the youngest student in the history of Bullworth to earn a Varsity Letter. He seems to have a somewhat nervous disposition and doesn't trust others easily. He is also a closeted bisexual, and if he kisses Jimmy, he then begs him not to say anything about it. His attraction to girls seems to be centered on feet - he frequently comments about the cheerleader's shoes, and Ms. Philips' feet.

Luis Luna

Luis takes great pride in his physique, particularly his abs. It is hinted that he may be on steroids provided by Mr. Burton. According to Lefty, Luis grew up in New Coventry and is only a Jock because he's strong enough to beat up most of the other Jocks.


Townies are non-student teenagers native to Bullworth who have a fierce resentment for Bullworth Academy, students and faculty. They consist of kids who were unable to pay to enter Bullworth, or were kicked out.

Edgar Munsen

Edgar only appears a few times in the game and is one of the more remote and mysterious characters in the game. The only thing known about his background is that his parents couldn't afford to send him to Bullworth, and he's resented the school ever since. Most of his dialogue indicates a love of fighting in general.

Omar Romero

Omar spends most of his time preoccupied with how much he hates Bullworth Academy, everything about it and everyone who's even slightly associated with it. He goes so far as to wish that someone would set the school on fire and kill everyone who attended it. He does, however, lust after the cheerleaders. Omar is also the second-in-command of the Townies.

Zoe Taylor

Zoe lives in the largest house in Blue Skies Industrial Park, a once-nice two story with a front porch. Very little is known about her home life, although she apparently has a turbulent relationship with her mother and argues with her frequently. She attended Bullworth Academy, but she was expelled after complaining about being sexually harassed by Mr. Burton the year before Jimmy arrived.

Clint(aka Henry)

Clint/Henry seems be mentally unbalanced. He proclaims that he's crazy and proud of it, and that he hates rich people on principle. He also physically hurts himself to release his anger. His mother is addicted to cough syrup and he wishes she would get sober.


Duncan is a fantasy enthusiast. He likes to play Grottos and Gremlins and aspires to look like a barbarian. He is an asthmatic and uses an inhaler. It's possible that he may have been a Nerd before becoming a Townie. He dropped out of Bullworth Academy due to the bullying but now regrets dropping out of school and is very vocal about it.


Gurney's personality is mainly focused on girls. Unlike the similarly girl-crazy Parker, Ricky and Casey, Gurney is apparently quite successful with them. He's also an aspiring musician.


Jerry thinks he is smarter than everyone else and constantly boasts about his intelligence. He seems to have an ego problem as well; he is convinced that he is going to be a great success later in life, and believes he should be giving seminars to that end. He also claims that he is glad he dropped out of Bullworth, though he is scared his mother will find out.


Leon is a slacker to the extreme. His favorite thing to do is sit at home and watch TV, and he loathes the fact that he'll have to get a job some day. He loves his juvenile status as it provides him legal protection from misdemeanors.

Otto Tyler

Otto spends most of his time complaining about how much he hates school. His dialogue indicates that he attended Bullworth and either dropped out or was expelled. An incident where he tried to run a casino on school grounds was involved.