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Bureau 13

by Bacter

Part 6: Target #1 - Veronica Cotton

Suggested Listening: Left 4 Dead Soundtrack - Witch attack
Oh, saints preserve us.

So this is where the game stops being coy with the insanity, and brings it all to bear. Alternatively, this is the part where the lack of time and budget SERIOUSLY hits the wall.

It's time... to hunt us some drones.

We decided last time to go after Veronica Cotton, the black witch.

- This is not a comment on her ethnicity, but rather indicates that she practices harmful magicks!

Unfortunately, to tackle her, we're going to have to buck the leader in the "where to next" poll, and go to OTHER FOREST

Looks about like as advertised. The "forest" is more a copse of trees, so let's head westward into "graveyard". Spooooky!

Well, nothin' to see here, let's move on!
N... nothing? What about that grave? That looks really import-
I can't hear ye, lad! I'm already bounding far ahead of ye!

Specifically, towards "back of cemetery". I'm glad to see we're continuing the proud tradition of having exits where no exit is indicated on the screen!

....huh. She lives here, by the way. Right behind these trees. Just.. just RIGHT there. BUT! We can't go there yet! No, because we haven't been SHOWN where she lives!

It looks like the votes for SIDEWALK are going to win out after all! There was no reason at all to come here, even though this place was available from the beginning, and is utterly useless until you've gone both to FOREST AND SIDEWALK!


Well, here we are. The suburbs - the perfect setting for supernatural horror and technological thrillers!

Now, moving to the west, we fi....

What?! There's an area to the east?!
Honesty time guys, I have NEVER found this area. Didn't even know it existed! I guess that tells you something of how important it is to the plot!

Well, let's see what's there!

Huh. A nice looking house with a hill that seems to be eating the house's corner. I think I know what'll be in here...

But in an UNBELIEVABLY unprecedented move, our agents won't break in unless they have a "good" reason! Just wait until you see what qualifies as one of those.

Anyway, moving back to the west of the RV, and west a few times after that...

Hey padre, this looks like it might have some interesting stuff in it, maybe we should
Shut it, my son. We need ta be movin' on to end this woman's foul sorcery.

Hmmm, I sense something dark and painful in this house, maybe I should mist under the door and...
Shut up pointyteeth, not until I punch out this witch of a...
of a witch?
I SAID shaddup.

Hmmm... I sense magickal energies in this house, and an important item! Let's see if we can break in somehow!
You shut it, mystic. I still have a headache and nausea from whatever you poisoned me with earlier. In order to work out my frustration, I will now put an end to the only witch I'm allowed to harm in this sector.
Tch, touchy!

(yes we're skipping a lot of real estate - we'll be back for it later, no worries. Everybody important in this game obviously lives right next to each other)

Wow... the library is kind of a dump!

Come on father, you KNOW there's bound to be something useful in-
Son, do not make me bring the righteous hammer down. We are ENDING. A WITCH. NOW.

Look at that graffiti. "School sucks"? You know what ELSE sucks, is va-