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Part 17: Bonus 4: Gang Stalking!

I wanted to cover at least one more conspiracy in bonus sections before this LP was over.

And this is exactly the one. Gang stalking is MAGICAL.

You owe it to yourself to really watch some "evidence" videos posted about this.

here's one

here's another

a third

maybe my favorite

So what's the good of learning about this? One day, one of these nuts is going to explode and "confront" you. You will be just walking by them, and you will have some red on your sneakers, and they will think this means you are an illuminati.

If you didn't know about gang stalking, you'd just be freaked out and run away. NOW, you know exactly how to respond for maximum hilarity. What you do is you give them a code word that you say will make agents expose themselves. Possible accompanied by a secret DANCE.

It will be glorious.

Edit: I see that misspelling of "dogmatic" as "dogmagic", and normally I'd fix it, but I like this word better.