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by JoeNotCharles

Part 13


start. buttcrackistan. f. huxley. q. crack dealer. 55555. 351-7271. jiyeszika. peter. 35th. 111. ak. philaboy. black. w. get hacksaw, case, computer, letter and passport. e. e. give beezer to man. get food. open door. e. open mailbox. get leaflet. n. w. look at software. ask clerk about software. y. look at cartridge. ask clerk for cartridge. open case. get adventure cartridge. give adventure cartridge to clerk. e. n. w. give letter to travel agent. get ticket. e. e. knock on door. s. give leaflet to man. get mail. n. w. s. s. s. ring doorbell. n. e. s. open door. w. s. get painting. n. show painting to macaw. get mail. out. n. w. s. s. open mailbox. open food. pour food in mailbox. get mail. s. z. n. w. z. say "unfortunately, there's a radio connected to my brain". z. e. s. say "actually, it's the bbc controlling us from london". s. atm. killer bees. ohio. nfl. aspartame. cut bars. get knife. push button. pull lever. attach saw to generator. ride generator. weirdo, take saw. out. z. z. u. get mail. n. n. n. n. n. e. z. y. raw. n. n. n. n. fries. n. y. soda. cola. regular. with. n. z. y. raw. n. n. n. n. fries. n. y. soda. cola. regular. with. n. z. eat burger. s. w. n. n. n. n. w. n. w. w. n. w. go to window 6. e. e. y. fill out slip. n. huxley. philaboy. q. 75.00. go to window 2. give slip to teller. open envelope. get cheque. give it to teller. give passport to teller. go to window 6. ask teller for slip. y. fill out slip. huxley. q. 75.00. philaboy. n. give slip to teller. give passport to teller. s. s. s. s. w. w.

And now we're back where we were last time, but much, much earlier:


Back Room

You're in the back room of your new house, another nice room, at present suitable for lining with latex padding and bouncing off the walls, but likely to be pretty impressive and upwardly mobile once the removals men have sorted out their little problem. The exit leads east to the living room.

You see a table and a combination telephone/answering machine here. On the table you see an address book.

You're holding $75.00, an envelope containing a memo, a Swiss army knife, a coupon booklet, a flyer, a damaged painting of Ronald W. Reagan, a Popular Paranoia magazine, an airline ticket, a recipe cartridge, a Beezer card, a wallet (containing a US Excess card), your passport, your Boysenberry computer, a small case (containing an eclipse predicting cartridge) and a hacksaw. You're wearing a digital wristwatch. Your pocket is empty.

[Your blood pressure is 123/81, in 162 moves. Your status is Stable. Your score is 8 out of a possible 21, making you a Victim.]

>look at watch
Your digital wristwatch says it's Saturday, 11:18 am.

Also, all the phone numbers have changed due to randomization:


>open address book
You flip open the address book.

>read third page
Only two entries are legible on this page.

Mr Ollie Fassbaum, Manager
The Happitec Corporation
17 Okapi Plaza
Buttcrackistan, AK 55555


Getlost Airport Cab