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Part 2: Spring 1957: Post-Vote

Spring 1957, US, Post Vote

As much as it pains me, White Devils won the naming convention. However, as that isn't really a name, I decided to let the democracy be there as well as changing it up a little bit...

(Thanks to Ilanin for taking up an advisor style role, as well!)

Now then, down to business, the safe approach of picking up Atlas and Explorer along with some R&D won out, so, here we go!

As you can see, when you first buy things, they get a base level of Safety added to them (as well as a new picture); a respectable (sorta) 40% for the satellite and a rather embarrassing 10% for the rocket. Trying to launch a rocket with a 10% safety rating would be... very, very optimistic. Luckily, R&D can help out a bit here!

The Atlas number is still a little on the low side, but as you can see, your stuff is now somewhat more safe! It also handily tells you how much safety you gained for your investment, so you can decide if you want to feel ripped off or not.

To end the turn, you patriotically click on the flagpole. And with that, The first Spring of the US Space Program is complete. I'll run through my turn shortly and get everything ready to go for the next vote.