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Part 3: Spring 1957

Spring 1957, USSR

Meanwhile, across the ocean...

The Soviets buzz as the a new head of their Space Program is named. The propaganda prevalent in the news also helps:

Other Events in the News...
Studies show that the average Soviet citizen leads a healtier and more productive life than the average fat capitalist pig American.

Here's were us Soviets make our magic happen, Baikonur. Functionally, it's exactly the same as the Cape, just laid out differently, so I won't bother to go into unnecessary detail for the time being. Also note that your American budget projections are not necessarily correct, as we also have 60 MB available to us.

Don't feel too bad about your Central Idiocy Intelligence Agency data though, the KGB are just as clueless.

After much drinking research was done, our top scientists decided that Sputnik would be the first thing flung off the planet, followed by a ball of garbage. The real question was how we would get it up into the sky, though. Our most drunk intelligent scientist suggested the following plan:

He was promptly slapped in the mouth, and we decided to go with this instead:

After these programs were funded much Vodka was drunk research was done into them. The fruits of our labors were obvious.

After this, everyone drunkenly passed out decided to take a hard earned rest while the lower level scientists did their thing.