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Part 5: Fall 1957: Post-Vote

Looks like the following options won for the US:

Staying the research course, which looks like it had some nice results there.

And scheduling a launch for Spring of 1958. Here's what the mission looks like, nice and simple.


Fffff... I get the polar opposite of the event you guys did. Damn, that hurts. At least there's some propaganda to share as well though.

Other Events in the News...
The Ministry of Defense has announced that American bombers are now obsolete. Today, the Soviet Union successfully launched the first Intercontinental Missile.

...That doesn't make me feel better at all. Why can't we just take their research? Well, even though this puts me in a really, really bad spot... I can't just let you guys run off with things, so...

I defer to my Associate Designer, Vice Comrade Space Parrot, and mimic your decisions exactly. Now to make a new post for the start of the next year, as we've got some new things to talk about!