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Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space

by Frankomatic

Part 9: Fall 1958: Post-Vote

First things first:

Appropriate hardware was purchased and your second satellite launch is scheduled for November.

Research was done as requested as well, ignore the 28% thing on the Mercury due to reasons mentioned in the last update post. And... yeah, that's everything for the US side, so let us cross the large pond and see what's happening for the Soviets!

MEANWHILE in the hall of justice

Thanks to the General Secretary, I finally catch a (small) break and get a little more money to play around with. Unfortunately, that's not added immediately, so I'm still stuck with 19 MB to work with.

As being second still gets you more prestiege than any following successes, I make a calculated risk to both try and get myself a little out of the hole and to keep you guys from getting even more of a huge jump. Hopefully that 3% won't be the death of me...

I swear to god if this fucking thing explodes again with 81%... I'll just keep that last Megabuck in my pocket while we make our way over to the launchpads...

Fall 1958 Launch Videos

Synopsis: Both sides have cluttered up space just a little bit more. Also, you guys get 1 prestiege instead of five solely because I decided it to be so. Ha.