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Part 15: Spring 1960: Post-Vote

The orbital launch is scheduled with no rushing, as was the plan.

Research is performed, all to pretty good degrees of success which is always nice to see.

EDIT: There's totally Gemini related stuff here, really.

And lastly, an Earth Orbital EVA is scheduled for the fall. I've also purchased another Atlas and Mercury for this in advance as requested. (I went with flat Orbital EVA as Orbital EVA Duration is currently listing with a -14 penalty, which seems just a bit riskier than you guys are going for.)

MEANWHILE, in the land of Explosions and Blood...

...well, that was bizarrely lucky. With a budget of 83 MB, I still can't really make a good move towards a new rocket program, but hey.

The ridiculous research frenzy that's been going on has lead to some surprising results.

I had scheduled what would have been a hilariously suicidal Orbital EVA mission, but two Research Boosters plus a Vostok bonus has made it... well, reasonable. Under normal circumstances I would probably have rushed this a month with these new developments, but that really feels like I'm hitting AI levels of dickery, so I'm going to just go the same month and let fate roll the dice. You guys still have that freebie on a single Mercury failure, so at most, you'll miss out on a single first if we both succeed in our missions (First EVA).

Of course, everyone could die in flames. You never really know what's going to happen in this game.

Despite not having a rocket that can actually lift the damn thing, I buy the Soviet version of the Ranger and start doing the research.

I also schedule another Orbital EVA for the Fall to try and keep morale up a bit. Lastly, since I'm not going to actually be able to do anything with that Cosmos until next year at the very earliest, I splurge and buy a second Launch Facility, dropping myself down to 14 MB for the fall. Now for the launches.

Spring 1960 Launches

EDIT: We're pretending this happened sorta but without the -10 prestige.

Coincidentally I was sure I was going to fail that Re-entry step while I was watching the bar go up.