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Part 17: Fall 1960: Post-Vote

Various research is done, providing pretty good results on all fronts.

And lastly, two missions are planned, making use of the new launch facility.


Well, that kinda sucks. Of course, I can't actually launch the thing anyway so it's not that big of a deal.

Having basically no money to play with this season, I spend all but 2 of it buying equipment for this launch. This doesn't even leave me enough to afford one team for the Cosmos, so it'll have to wait.

So, I schedule up a mildly shorter version of the same mission you guys have for your second pad, minus the EVA step. As I can't afford to do anything else, that'll be that.

Fall 1960 Launch

That was basically not even worth doing. Oh well, at least it'll make Komarov a little happier.