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Part 19: Spring 1961: Post-Vote

One mission has been appropritely downgraded as requested.

Research has excellent results this season due to that research boosting event. Both of these should easily be at max in the Fall.

New recruits have been gained, and are now in basic training. Ah, the good early days when you don't need to worry about their mood.

And lastly, a Orbital EVA Duration mission is scanned. Some lucky fellow is going to get to spend a few days circling the earth! Also unmanned docking tests, but those aren't as interesting. Now then...


That's unfortunate. Oh well, back under 100 MB to play with as soon as I got it. There's always next year, I suppose.

Hopefully, if all goes well with this guy, I'll have a little more to work with next time as well.

After making a spur of the moment decision with absolutely no thought carefully considering my options, I buy into the Proton program and basically use the rest of the year's funding to research it a bit. Risky and slowing down forward momentum? Obviously. Of course, in a race, the only part that matters is the last one, and I'm not adverse to taking ridiculous risks.

Of course, this also means no new cosmonauts this year, but with nothing for them to do for a little while, that's probably for the better anyway. If everything goes according to my incredibly stupid risky plan, only a few more things should need initiating and research anyway. Enough about that, though. We've got some launches to do.

Spring 1961 Launches

Coincidentally, whoever early on said that those 'pay or minus safety events' don't work may be wrong, those bars didn't look like 80-76% bars. Also more overtly I saw from a failure I retconned out of existence that you were rolling against 66 instead of 76. It failed in a threshold you should have passed if the bug regarding the buggy Mercury failure event you got was doing what we were informed it would do (IE not affecting rolls, it was a 72 v 66 catastrophic failure), so I just did it again. All numbers in the screenshots above are accurate. Don't say I've never done anything nice for you.

I think it might be time to stop with the Vostok launches now. That was way too many borderline failures for one mission. Also apparently nobody cares much about staying up longer after you've been up there once.