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Part 21: Fall 1961: Post-Vote

Two teams of astronauts are placed into the new Gemini program. I'm sure they're thrilled about it.

The Ranger and Docking Module programs are funded. I never noticed this before but the Docking Module only just barely looks like the little 3dish render thing they give you before you fund it. It also shrinks considerably.

The rest of the year's money goes to good use researching up the Titan and Gemini as far as they're going to go.

Last but not least, current and future missions are set up to do their current and future things.


I'm sure the Cosmonauts will be happy to not have to parachute out of their capsules anymore after reentry. know, when I fund one of the capsules that has the magical ability mentioned in the news here.

At the gate to Baikonur, a small sign is found: Beign patriotic to earn money, come back Spring 1962.

Fall 1961 Launches

Gotta tell you, I'm honestly surprised Grissom didn't bite it on this one. The game was out for blood there.

This is pretty much how the first number of docking missions are going to go. Failure step picture included just because the message is hilarious.