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Part 25: Fall 1962: Post-Vote

Mission old and missions new. None that are borrowed or blue though.

Also the wonderful world of Research.


Exactly the news I wanted to see. That leaves me in a rather awkward position of having to shell out double on the Proton next turn in a time where I'm really trying to hold on to money. Unless, of course, I just don't bother to do a launch right away. With the research boost you got and my total lack of luck lately, you'll probably beat me anyway.

I'll schedule a Lunar Flyby up anyway. Never know when a good event might pop up to help turn things around a little.

Fall 1962 Launches

Successful docking! Which isn't worth any prestige but gets some extra safety on the module.

I'm not entirely sure where that single point of prestige came from, honestly. I guess you get one for getting people up and back safely? Also yet another dodged bullet there. I don't know what's up with your Gemini, but it seems pretty... flimsy.