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Part 27: Spring 1963: Post-Vote

It's a little bit early, but discussion appears to have been stopped for a while now, so...


Missions! Four of them total, two actually being done this season!

Research is accomplished. No screenshots of it, but I also sent the various Astronauts off to their various Advanced Training sessions.


Totally meaningless news!

Since I'm already banking on a miracle occuring or one of your Gemini capsules with men in it exploding horrifically, might as well trim the fat a bit and just save up money to fund my program and start launching hilariously dangerous missions.

Saving my money aside from canceling this mission. The sooner I get the rocket funded and researched, the sooner I can start killing people. (Hey, someone has to do it and you guys are oddly averse to this for some reason.)

Spring 1963 Launches

I don't know what it is about the Ranger and the Cosmos but I've noticed that the RNG seems to hate the things. I've seen failure rates for these guys way outside of what the percentages seem like they should suggest.

Wow, the game threw a 99. I'm pretty sure that's failure for anything in the game even at max safety. That's rough. Also of note, it appears this specific failure didn't adde to your docking module's safety rating. Setbacks!