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Part 31: Spring 1964: Post-Vote

No real surprises here. I also hired the set of astronauts listed in Captain Bravo's post for you, which included all three of the femme-fatales.

Wow, those three teams on the Kicker B were apparently the worst researchers ever. Fell just 2 shy of their goal of maximizing the safety.


Hey, 10 free MegaBucks for this incredibly terrible space program! Communism DOES work! That gives me just enough money to do two things, one important one not as much.

One is to research the Proton up to 85%. This is important for exactly one reason:

A little bit of tech-transfer over to this bad boy. When this thing inevitably explodes it should probably be visible from the Cape.

Since having 6 MB isn't going to do anything of note for me, I have a pair of spare engineers whack the Cosmos with wrenches for a little bit. It's not particularly effective.

Spring 1964 Launches

That went a little better, though the Titan itself came surprisingly close to failing at the start there.

There you go, two missions that went well this time. Maybe that Orbital Duration D will actually happen next season!