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Part 33: Fall 1964: Post-Vote

This is totally standard and features no surprises, as per every update!

This bears mention because I'm pretty sure you just rolled the worst possible roll for 2 research teams on something. Luckily enough, rolling low is exactly what you want for missions... but the question is, are you rolling low or rolling failure?

And that's everything you guys wanted to do this turn. Since the USSR has exactly 0 dollars, they aren't going to be doing anything either, so that leaves this update looking a little sparse. Let's take a look at some other things just to fill some space, shall we?

By shooting that satellite at the moon, you've learned that it's actually not a wireframe sphere! It's a wireframe sphere with a ugly streak in it! More seriously, this'll fill in

more as you launch more satellites, probes, or people at the moon successfully. You'll probably want it at like 75% bare minimum if you want a landing to have a decent chance of going well, but as always, higher is better in general.

This is the Lunar Module hangar. It was built when the Cricket was funded. Aside from some statistics, the important thing to note here is Total LM Points, which is currently 0.

Each successful manned (and unmanned? Not 100% on that at the moment as I'm half asleep) test of the LM will give you a point. If you don't have at least 3 points, you'll take penalties on a Lunar Landing mission involving a LM. I think it's pretty harsh too, like -3% per point.

Lastly, we have the Space Museum, which is basically a dump for graphs and stats. It features things like the Prestige Summary, which currently looks like this:

If you guys want to see any more graphs out of there, just let me know and I'll grab pictures for the next update. Anyways, let's move on to the meat of this, shall we? Space flight!

Fall 1964 Launches

Bog standard here, no problems. Good stuff!

I gotta admit, I was going to be a bit incredulous if this somehow managed to fail yet again.