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Part 39: Spring 1966: Post-Vote

Spring 1966 - US

Downgraded missions and satellites, go!

Research goes a bit better this time around. The Cricket guys seem like they're slacking a bit still, but... well, it's pretty complicated technology, so cut them some slack.

Lastly, because I'm incredibly inobservant, I just noticed that the Cape got a minor name change recently. Thought you might like to know. Place looks pretty busy now compared to how it used to, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, in Soviet Russia

Another news event I don't recall seeing before...

Interestingly enough, it's not a lie either. They all have 0 points in everything though, so that's... a little less than inspiring to start out. Ah well, there's work to do.

Like setting up this Lunar Flyby!

And researching this stuff up a bit!

And, what the hell, scheduling up this mission because I can just barely afford to do so. Why not? Now we have more important things to worry about, though... launches!

Spring 1966 Launches

Man, the game threw a freakin' 100. Rough, but at least everyone's still alive.

At least this one went well as a backup.

That came a lot closer to failure than I really would've liked a few times there, but it's all good.

After looking at the post again for the additional rule, the Lunar Pass failure was a case for stopping, so I'll cut this one off here and make a standard status post.