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Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space

by Frankomatic

Part 41: Fall 1966: Post-Vote

Looks like things aren't going to be changing, so let's knock this out before I go to bed.

All sorts of missions going on up in here.

And a little bit of research. Looks like that'll be ready to go for the mission next season barring maybe a research draining event.


I'm really not certain why Sputnik losing a whopping 1 point of safety factor is newsworthy. Must be a slow day half year.

Buying the parts for this mostly pointless launch takes all but 3 of my remaining MB, so that's it for here.

Fall 1966 Launches

No surprises here, these missions are about as close to foolproof as you can get in this game.

Soviet Russia: Expanding mankind's knowledge of other planets aside from the moon. For money. Also I'm pretty sure the Proton still isn't at its R&D max and is still going strong. Good for it!