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Part 43: All of 1967

Spring 1967 - US

Missions have gotten pretty damn expensive now, mainly because each one has like 4 parts to buy. The Lunar Orbital LM test is at -7 right now, but that should go down pending success of the Lunar Pass, I think.

This thing is a little expensive to research also, but it's done now, so no worries there.

And that's all she wrote for the US.


So few programs and this still didn't fall on something actually useful. Ah well. For those interested, the last bit of the 'China threatens the world' bit is 'after stealing nuclear technology'.

The successful Venus flyby has left me with 116 MB to work with this year.

Which is promptly dumped into making Direct Ascent technology usable. A little money is dumped into getting some Cosmonauts into probably half a year's training at best.

The last bit will be used for one of these guys. Probably the last one I'll launch before I start exploding people... assuming the game doesn't end before I get the chance. Anyways, on to the launches.

Spring 1967 Launches

A successful LM Test is always good. Everyone likes success!

And a successful Lunar Pass is also always good. On to the fall!

Fall 1967 - US

A news report that does nothing means we'll continue this turn on like nothing bad happened anywhere, because it didn't. Also Lovell's leaving, but who cares?

An attempt to end the game is scheduled for next turn as well. It's showing as -4 at the moment, which is pretty damn good. And that's all for the US side.

The other guys supposedly in this race

I think this is one of the three fighter pilots. Doesn't really matter anyway I've got more guys to choose from.

I use all but 5 MB to set this guy up. Also...

Kind of on a tight time table here even if things go horribly wrong for you guys, so I yank my Cosmonauts out of Basic to set up this mission. On to the launches!

Fall 1967 Launches

It only took most of the game, but as one Smasher Dynamo recently said... the law of averages catches up with us all. Rather than comment on my own relatively pointless launch, I will use that space as a moment of silence.