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Part 45: Spring 1968: Post-Vote

To start us off for this year, Conrad is the guy announcing the Air Force Transfer.

A bunch of new astronauts are hired up.

A whopping 3 missions are scheduled for the fall, using the teams that were scheduled for this season as requested.

And lastly, the Kicker-B research has started up once again, with fairly okay results.


Normally I'd probably just let this guy go, but since I'm already running at -4 for the season's launch, I decide to play it safe and pay this off. Also another 10 MB for the Kvartet problem that's been hounding me for a few years now.

The Lunar pass is scheduled up as planned. No issues with part buying costs as they've been sitting in the warehouse forever. Also, as much as I'd like to be clever and try scheduling up a Direct Ascent landing for next season, I don't have the teams to do so, so it'll have to wait.

Lastly, I go a little overkill on research on the Kvartet to get it up to its maximum of 89%. Need every little bit I can get for this launch, as a catastrophic failure will basically be the end up things for the Soviet space program. ...well, here we go I suppose!

Spring 1968 Launch

I'll admit it, I was holding my breath that whole mission. That was incredibly nerve-wracking... didn't think the Kvartet check would end up so low from the -4.