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Part 47: Fall 1968: Post-Vote

Two attempts to end this race once and for all are scheduled for the Spring of 69, pending nothing bad happening with this month's launches.

Looks like the Kicker B will be ready to go next season as well. Lucky! And that uses up all the money you guys wanted to use, so off we go.


Apparently people really, really like that 4 man capsule we're using. That's nice, at least.

Baikonur has sure changed over the years. I remember back when the assembly building on the left was just a tin warehouse. Ah, the old days...

Okay, I officially apparently don't know crap about this game anymore. I have no idea how doing a single Lunar Pass dropped the penalty on this guy from -20 to -4. Anybody out there have any thoughts on that? Anyways, this is being scheduled. This race is going to literally come down to a photo finish. Or an explosion finish. (Incidentally 16 checks on this mission are Capsule checks for me. 1 is photo recon, 1 is EVA, 1 is rocket.)

Speaking of explosions, let's see if any happen!

Fall 1968 Launches

That's one...

And that's two! Also, I gotta admit, the fact that this was Gemini XXII kind of strikes me as hilarious.