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Part 4: Escape From Innsmouth - Documents

Church Refuge
February 8, 1922


There's no going back now. The locals want me dead, that's clear enough, and
they can't afford to let me get away now.

Even in the sanctuary of the church, I don't feel safe, though it looks like
Rebecca was right - they're not making any effort to break in like they did at
the hotel. I'm going to miss her.

Still, at last I have a lead on Brian Burnham. Rebecca was convinced he is
alive, and being held the town's Jailhouse.

But where is the Jailhouse? According to Rebecca's directions, I need to find
the Merchants' Bank, and then the Water Tower, in order to reach it. That's
easier said than done, though - those things have me pretty much trapped in

Eventually one of them may think of burning the place down, or they may
overcome their fear of the place and come busting in. I need to find that
secret way out. Rebecca said her old man's postcard would help, but I don't
know how.

I just hope I don't have to go back through those sewers. There's something
down there, for sure. I thought it was just another tall tale at first, but I
could feel it. And that slime... it was like a trail from something...
something not natural. What did that hick call it? ... a shoggoth?

The Order's grip on the folk of this town is strong, and they'll stop at
nothing. Rebecca's murder proves that. And old Zadok - looks like they beat him
to death for talking to me. I should have left the poor old rummy alone.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Births: 7; 6 baptized, 1 died.
Deaths: 6; 5 buried, 1 lost at sea.
Marriages: 5.

Births: 9; all baptized.
Deaths: 7; 5 buried, 2 lost at sea.
Marriages: 3.

Births: 12, all baptized.
Deaths: 243; 235 in the disturbances and the epidemic. 240 buried, 3 lost at
Marriages: 2.

Births: probably 7; no baptisms.
Deaths: 3 reported; 2 burials. One coffin upon being accidentally dropped broke
open and was found to contain rocks and logs. This was not buried.
Marriages: none registered.

Births: none registered, probably 10; no baptisms.
Deaths: 5 reported; 1 funeral, others not certain.
Marriages: none registered.

Births: none registered, thought to be 7 or 8; no baptisms.
Deaths: none registered, 4 believed; no funerals.
Marriages: none registered.

February 8, 1922

Early Hours

Everything in this god-forsaken town is out to kill me. Around every corner,
some hideously tainted thug is searching. I've managed to avoid them so far,
though poor Rebecca wasn't so lucky. It's starting to look hopeless.

Only Mackey doesn't seem to want me dead - and maybe he has an ulterior motive.
His mention of investors in this town - and his knowledge of the Esoteric Order
- clearly point to some level of involvement.

Still, he told me where to find Brian Burnham, and he seems to pose no
immediate threat. Even so, his apparent understanding of things in Innsmouth is

Am I becoming paranoid? After what I have seen and experienced, how could I
know? The strain is certainly having an effect on my nerves. I'm beginning to
hear and see things that can't possibly be real.

I need to ignore these distractions if I want to get out of here alive. My best
chance is to find Brian and break him out of the Jailhouse. To do that, I'll
need a plan.

Ship Logs of Captain Obed Marsh

March 6th, 1823

Still en route to China. Eastward from Otaheite, or Tahiti as it is also
called, we have encountered an island that does not appear on our charts. I
ordered the anchor dropped close inshore, and we sent the longboat for fresh
water and supplies.

The islanders are not interested in trading for gold, of which they have
apparently a great quantity. I asked after its source, in the hope of setting
up a mining and milling operation on shore.

In response to my questioning, I was taken to a smaller island nearby, and
shown some stone ruins, apparently of great antiquity. The designs carved upon
them are like nothing I have ever seen, in all my travels.

This, they say, is the city of the sea-gods, who can be prevailed upon to give
them gold for the asking. I suspect it is a remnant of a higher civilization,
now lost; the natives evidently find gold among the ruins.

I questioned the island's chief elders at length about the ruins, and was
answered with the retelling of legends so savage and fantastic that I wonder at

Perhaps, when the gold is secured and with it my own fortune, I shall reveal
the island's location and open it to scholarship.

Having traded for a large quantity of gold in addition to the needed water and
fresh food, we resumed our voyage. I impressed upon the crew the need for
absolute silence about this island; for if word were to get out others would be
sure to go there.

Shortly before our departure, Chief Walakea made me a gift of several small
metal discs, evidently of the same workmanship as the ruins. By means of these
and certain chants, he said, the sea gods could be summoned and induced to
bring their gifts.

June 4th, 1838

Revisiting the mysterious island, we could find no trace of the people with
whom we have traded for so many years. Their villages are razed to the ground,
and no trace can be found of them.

It appears that some other tribe has attacked and destroyed them.

The men are so much dismayed that we shall no longer be able to obtain gold
here, unless we discover its source for ourselves. A day's searching among the
ruins availed us nothing, although certain of the crew were troubled by
nightmares subsequently.

It appears that this voyage is destined to be without profit, and we must
return to Innsmouth with both hands and pockets empty - a most troubling turn
of events.

The town has come to rely upon us, and the gold that we bring back, to make up
for the trade that was lost when the War of 1812 ended. What shall become of
our home port now, and us along with it?

August 18th, 1838

While looking over the souvenirs and curiosities I collected on my Pacific
voyages, seeking some comfort in happier memories, I happened upon the strange
metal discs given to me by old Walakea and his people.

I had quite forgotten them, and the stories he told about the gold-bearing gods
from the sea. But now, an idea is stirring within me. I do not know whether to
embrace it as Innsmouth's last hope, or to concede that desperation has driven
me insane.

Am I mad? The gold we brought from the island was real enough; perhaps the sea-
gods are real also. A sailor to far ports sees many strange things, and learns
to keep an open mind.

After much effort in recollection, I have remembered the chants Walakea taught
me. Tonight, I shall row out to Devil's Reef and try them, along with the

Perhaps the sea gods will save us - or if not, I shall acknowledge my folly,
and retire to the asylum.

Later that night: The sea gods are real. I have seen them, and spoken with
them. I carry some of their gold - a token of more to come, I am assured.

But the price - yet can any price be too high, when one's home is at stake?
Innsmouth shall rise again

July 23rd, 1846

This is a day of crisis for Innsmouth. I, and those loyal to me, have been
seized and thrown in jail by our pious neighbors.

Ready enough to enjoy the prosperity I have returned to the town, they scruple
at the means I use, and the power I wield. They must be taught a lesson.

They have no idea of the powers they seek to defy. The terrible bargain I made
was irrevocable, and by locking me up they bring great peril to the town - the
very town that they would "save" from my influence. But it is too late for

As surely as I know the morning tide will rise, I know that those from the reef
will come to Innsmouth. They will come in search of those things I have been
prevented from giving them, and they will come to punish those who have
prevented me.

Little do the righteous dream of the horror that will visit Innsmouth this
night. There will be great destruction; 1846 will be recorded in the town's
annals as a year of unparalleled calamity.

I shall make certain that 1846 also marks the beginning of a new age - an age
in which no threat to our pact is tolerated. From this year on, I shall play
the tyrant, and my descendants shall do so after me - but we do so to avert a
greater evil.

Oaths of Dagon


I'a! Dagon! I submit to the authority of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. If I
should betray these sacred oaths, I am theirs to try, and to punish, according
to the ancient laws and the extent of my transgression. I'a! Dagon!


I'a! Dagon! I swear that I shall keep faith with the Deep Ones in all things. I
shall not resist their will, nor shall I betray their secrets.


I'a! Dagon! I swear that I shall serve the Deep Ones in all things, as they
shall command me, to the furthest extent of my ability.


I'a! Dagon! I'a! Hydra! I take this child of Dagon and Hydra as my (wife or
husband), to take into my home, to beget and raise children; so that the race,
and the faith, shall continue to prosper.