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Part 9: The Air-Filled Tunnels(Part 2) - Documents

The Dark Depths
February 10, 1922


I have no idea how I've made it this far. In fact, I'm no longer certain where
"this far" is, or if it even exists outside my imagination. Every step I take,
I question what I see and hear.

There's some kind of song traveling on the wind - like so much else, it seems
familiar, and yet it fills me with such dread. I can't believe anything of this
Earth could make such a sound.

I must be insane. Any sane person would have turned back by now, but I have
passed that point. I have to see this through to the end. I have to know what
has brought me here.

If there's no answer to be found in this maze, I'll do what I can to assist the
submarine in blowing this whole place to hell.

If there's no answer to this disease of my mind, if I can't find a way to
understand what's happening to me, then I'm better off dead, buried beneath the
sea forever.

Lab Notes of Esther Marsh

Blue Tinfiblia: Further Observations

The petals have some acidic properties, which are yet to be fully investigated.
They are especially harmful to the beloved of Great Cthulhu, as tests with the
prison tender's "pet" have shown.

Although exposure was strictly limited, considerable skin disfigurement

Because of this, all laboratory samples are to be removed. However, I will keep
the specimen in the garden for now. It promises to be a fruitful object for
further study.

Tablets of Dagon

These ancient tablets are written in the strange glyphs of the Deep Ones. They
include the final passages that are missing from the translations in the Book
of Dagon.

They seem to be a prophecy; further study would be needed to produce an exact
translation, but the passage reads roughly as follows:

'And the time shall come when the stars are right, and lo, we shall raise up
that which has been sunken;

So shall lost R'lyeh be lifted from the deep, and the waters shall recede from
its palaces

And the One Who Dreams shall be awakened, Great Cthulhu shall arise;

And fear and madness shall be upon the face of the world.'

Suicide Note

February 16, 1922

Now... at my end... I can fully see. My last case opened in me a new fear... a
real fear... a fear of myself, of what I am... and of what I have always been.
All that I was, is now lost.

Hope? Purpose? Pleasure? All meaningless. I now walk in the shadows between
worlds... and it is there I have finally glimpsed upon what lives in the dark
corners of the earth...