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Part 2: Episode 3: Welcome to the Future

Episode 3: Welcome to the Future
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In this episode we're attacking one of many hidden bases Menendez has amassed by 2025. How did he get the money for all this stuff? It's never explained. He probably invested in gold futures.

Stuff to notice

-I do indeed have the music off, it'll be coming back by the next episode I record, there was a bit of dialog in the first mission that wasn't really audible over the music for some reason and I forgot to turn it back on.

In most other games this is a throwaway image, but we'll end up seeing this thing later. It also serves as the model for the Reaper killstreak in multiplayer

This is what happens when we get hit with an EMP. In addition to the messed up screen (because our HUD comes from basically Google Glasses) we won't be able to make use of electronics like our millimeter scanner or Optical Camo

This is the best shot I could get of it, but David's character model always has this grenade launcher thing mounted on his wrist. Instead of throwing grenades he can launch them. If they hit a valid target they will explode on impact. I'll show this off in the first Strike Force Mission.

You may have noticed that when I picked up this gun I had near perfect aim and no recoil. Welcome to the lovely world of CoD glitches. The thermal sight on LMGs in both this game and MW3 basically turned them into lasers. Combined with the lack of damage drop off and high capacity a Thermal Sight LMG can beat a sniper at his own game if they don't have a perk making them invisible to thermal sights.

Next Loadout Voting Update
The current leader is Mr. Highway's suggestion that I pick up every gun I walk over with four votes. If this wins I'll use my prefered loadout and just pick up everything.

The Second place is Gato's Uzi/Olympia idea with one vote, not including Gato's suggestion of the class.