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Part 4: Strike Force Mission 1

Strike Force Mission 1
YouTube Blip incoming

This is the first of the Strike Force Missions and it's a real pain to explain everything because there is so much happening at once, but at the same time, there is nothing going on for huge stretches (which I cut).

Things to notice

I fail to explain what you see here right away, but this is me commanding a unit. One of the features of Strike Force is tasking friendly units to attack, move to or defend locations. Here I'm moving a CLAW unit to a location to keep the main avenue of bad guys under control.

Despite it being a starter weapon, this is the first time we're seeing the XM31 in this LP. It's a wrist mounted grenade launcher that pops up a pathing guide when you hit the grenade button and fires a grenade when released. The grenade explodes on impact with an enemy or has a three second timer, whatever happens first.

Each of the units you take control of (I could have used the CLAW, for example) has a unique interface. This is the turret. I'll never do this again unless necessary.

Day Six of Voting
Oh boy, oh boy

Loadout Options

Loadout Options
New Mission means new Loadouts.

My Suggestion/Game's Suggested Loadout

Reader Suggestions

CronnySockett posted:

Let's go for a shotgun run.

Weapons: SPAS-12, Executioner
Perk: Hip Accuracy
Equipment: Grenade and EMP
Two votes

radintorov posted:

Primary: Mk.48 with Millimeter Sight and Fast Mags
Secondary: Executioner with Laser Sight and Red Dot Sight
Gadgets: EMP Grenade and that Wrist-mounted grenade launcher
Perks: Access Kit, Folding Stock, Fast Hands
No votes thus far.

Mr. History posted:

Guns: AK-47 and M60
Perks: Access Kit and Folding Stock
Equipment: Grenades and XM31
No votes so far.

Day 6 of Choices

1) 13 Yeses and 0 "no" votes on completing the Strike Force Missions.

2)11 People have said to stop the kidnapping, Two people are in opposition to us helping out.

3)Seven people want us to let our enemy suffer, six want the mercy kill.

4) 11 say to stay in cover, two want to risk it.

5) 10 to three we let the avatar of our enemy live.

6)11 to two we are going to get some answers rather than revenge.

Keep the votes coming, we are short one loadout for the next mission.