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Part 5: Episode 5: RAUL SMASH!

Episode 5: RAUL SMASH!
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I decided to split this level in two in an attempt to keep the run time of the level down. Without the split it would be a half hour or so, instead we get a 10 minute and 17 minute set of videos.

Things to Notice

This is the first time we've seen Menendez in Alex Mason's story line since we shot him in the face. Not looking great. The picture is supposedly of his sister Josephina from before the fire.

This is the pendant Menendez gave to Woods before the start of the game and used to kill the guy in that cutscene. In the tie in short story, Rightful King Menendez found this post earthquake when he and Josephina were living on the streets.

Finally, Raul's sister herself. She was horribly burned in a fire in a cigarette factory her and her brother were staying in after the earthquake. Raul blames her disfiguring on himself, but also the Nicaraguan government, which kept much of the aid money for themselves, the US for supporting the regime, and the American owner of the cigarette factory who had it set ablaze for the insurance money. Years later Menendez would track him down and kill him with the pendant.

Panamanian General Manuel Noriega makes an appearance in this and one other mission. He had some dealings with game consultant Oliver North before the US overthrew his government in '89. In this mission everything about his character is revealed as he double crosses the US for explainable reason.

Lemme axe you a question.

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CronnySockett posted:

Let's go for a shotgun run.

Weapons: SPAS-12, Executioner
Perk: Hip Accuracy
Equipment: Grenade and EMP
Two votes

radintorov posted:

Primary: Mk.48 with Millimeter Sight and Fast Mags
Secondary: Executioner with Laser Sight and Red Dot Sight
Gadgets: EMP Grenade and that Wrist-mounted grenade launcher
Perks: Access Kit, Folding Stock, Fast Hands
Two votes.

Mr. History posted:

Guns: AK-47 and M60
Perks: Access Kit and Folding Stock
Equipment: Grenades and XM31
No votes so far.