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Part 7: Strike Force Mission 2

Strike Force Mission 2

I really don't like the Strike Force missions, they are overly long and boring and full of wasted potential. This one is maybe the best constructed but the bad AI and endless enemies make it a bit of a drag to play and watch the whole way through.

Things to Notice

This is the reflex sight. Unlike the Red Dot Sight it is a bit more open and supposedly provides a minor zoom, but I can't tell the difference.

The network intruder looks like a low rent model of the turrets from Portal.

The Chicom has a really open iron sight system, which on one hand is nice because you can see all around you, but kind of worthless when trying to hit something distant. Additionally, the space space below the sight is completely blocked off, so if someone is coming up some stairs you won't see them.

The target finder makes an appearance here. Normally it appears on LMGs and assault rifles and people get extremely mad if you use one, but it basically turns LMGs into death cannons. There is a hard counter perk, but the zoom and openness of the sight make it a pretty good choice anyways.

If anyone was wondering what the hybrid sight was, this is it. I can't use the ACOG (bottom sight) on it for some reason, though.

I start talking about, and then completely forget to continue on about these contrails coming from the AGR/ASD. Those also appear when a sniper rifle fires now, ripping a page from the Halo book and making it harder for someone to sit up in a hill or window without being detected.

Day 11 of Choices
Choice options are found here

The loadout for the next mission is already selected, so we'll be running a silenced shotgun as a primary next time around.

1) 14 Yeses and 0 "no" votes on completing the Strike Force Missions.

2)12 People have said to stop the kidnapping, Two people are in opposition to us helping out.

3)Eight people want us to let our enemy suffer, six want the mercy kill.

4) 12 say to stay in cover, two want to risk it.

5) 11 to three we let the avatar of our enemy live.

6)12 to two we are going to get some answers rather than revenge.