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Part 8: Episode 7: I Get Wet

Episode 7: I Get Wet
You'll notice an ad on the YouTube version. That's because it detected licensed music and someone else gets to put an ad on it.

Welcome to lovely flooded Pakistan where we are going to spy on Menendez and he'll give away a ton of his plans despite the fact he knows we're there.

Things to Notice

I'm not entirely sure what Farid actually is, as in; he does all the designing and creating of our tech stuff but is also somehow an undercover agent? Makes no sense.

Finally we realize why David has been having flashes of Raul Menendez. Menendez totally locked David in a serial killer basement when he was young.

Lots happening here. We're using a dual band scope, standing over the updated FAL and being given command of the CLAW units we have with us. This is a good example of how hectic this game can get.

Still no idea what this does, it doesn't activate the elevator based on my previous playthrough.

Treyarch has always been a bit more...visual in their violence than Infinity Ward, but the bloated flood victims was completely out of left field when I first saw it.

The most annoying of any stealth section. I died something like 20 times here the first time I played the game because I took an alternate route. Never again.

The conversations with Briggs have really long black screens on either side of them (30 or so seconds coming in) which means these conversations are poorly hidden loading screens.

You can gun in the drone for a while if you so choose, but it isn't any better than driving. I can go back and show that off if
people really want to see it.

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