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Part 9: Strike Force Mission 3

Strike Force Mission 3
This fucking mission.

This is easily my least favorite strike force mission, and I expound on that in the video. Basically the drones you have are useless and won't follow orders. You can launch missiles from the satellite they give you, but it doesn't seem to attack if you have it grouped with other units in an attack. Also, you can't adjust your height on the quad rotor (dragonfire) like in Multiplayer because the descent button now tells things to go places and shoot at other things.

Things to Notice

It's hard to see here (and doubly so in the video due to the effects the designers used) but enemies are given a red rectangle around them from a distance. For some reason the multiplayer version of the dragonfire camera is a bit cleaner than this and would have been preferable.

Here's our convoy, minus one vehicle. As I mention in the video of the four only one needs to survive. I couldn't remember if it was the lead vehicle or just one vehicle in general, but by the end I think only one was around. Fun note, the drivers scream at you if someone so much as looks at them.

Tanks are the one thing dragonfires can't seemingly kill in this mission. The tanks can't seem to aim high enough to counter the dragonfires either. Just send in the AGR/ASD's instead as they have rockets.

The horse riders will fire rockets and drop mines in the path of the vehicles. They basically have to get right under the vehicles to do this, though. Still, it's best to take them out sooner rather than later.

The level throws mines at you later on as a way to keep you in one spot if you don't take them out. Not totally sure why they needed to do that when these vehicles are incredibly slow anyways.

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