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Part 10: Episode 8: Shootout at the Imma Try it Out OK Corral

Episode 8: Shootout at the Imma Try it Out OK Corral
This mission has a couple nice set pieces and a timed end objective I pick up a gun and snipe DeFalco instead of running up to him and having a gunfight because I, for whatever reason, can not deal with the people between me and him effectively

Things to Notice

Our first view of Colossus, the floating island city based around conspicuous consumption and, I'm going to guess, a bit of a libertarian streak.

Out of nowhere Harper becomes really creepy. If you burned his face in the previous mission he has a horrible skin graft.

Not enough games make Total Recall references.

They did not spend a ton of time on this image. Also, welcome to the first of many Minority Report references/direct ripoffs this level.

Meet Ziggy, a spider that in no way resembles the eye-scanner things from Minority...

Yep, Minority Report reference.

You think David Goyer is mad he didn't write Minority Report?

This red outline is super useful later in the level when civilians are running around. Too bad smoke and cover obscure it.