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Part 11: Episode 9: PANAMA!

Episode 9: PANAMA!

We're playing as Frank Woods this time, and nothing bad ever happens when you randomly change characters.
Also, read this:

This was maybe the least strange looking facial expression Frank made in this video.

This is Panama. THe US had Marines stationed there in their own little communities that looked like something you would find in Florida.

"What are you bringing to the invasion, Alex?"
"M-16, what about you, McKnight?"
"Sniper rifle. You get a loadout set up Frank?"

I misspoke before this, I meant to say that the capture of Noriega and discrediting him were real operations,not that False Profit itself was a real thing.

Maybe it is because I'm using a pistol, but these guys are bullet sponges. You are better off stabbing them.

Ah, the cold logic of a CoD protagonist.

There's a pretty bad cut here, I missed the jump three different times that I didn't think showing would be really fun. You didn't miss much commentary on it.