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Part 12: Strike Force Mission 4

Strike Force Mission 4
Last one. In this mission we drop Zhao at the request of China (The general's country of origin) and secure our alliance with that nation.

Things to Notice

How weird must it be for these guys to come in every mission and see fewer and fewer guys there? About 2/3rds of my human units have died in these missions.

Here we're tracking and taking down the VTOL with a SMAW, which we are normally equipped with for these missions. A nice touch if not a bit unrealistic.

Other missions have dropped us in cinematically, but this mission just turns you around and starts things. You also have eight minutes opposed to the nine or so usually provided for these levels.

If you've played multiplayer you recognize this hallway. Most games start with a rush down this way. My destination and where I started are the two starting spawns in the domination game mode and this is the quickest and most covered way between the two spawns. There are two other main paths, but they are out in the open and in a wide area left of this path. This is simply the easiest and least populated path for this mission.

Apparently hacking devices look a lot like Dentyne Ice packages.

No matter how advanced graphics get, there will always be little concessions to the medium like the armpit texture here.

Hey, commander mode. I don't use this in the video because it is incredibly useless. If your team followed your orders it would be a good thing to have. If they could shoot straight I would have played these missions like an RTS. Alas, they can do neither and this thing is near useless.