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Part 13: Episode 10: Secret Agent Man

Episode 10: Secret Agent Man
Farid finally gets to be a super secret spy who...plays and controls exactly like all the other player characters despite the fact he isn't a HIGH SPEED LOW DRAG TIER ONE OPERATOR.

Things to Notice

Do you think that when they set off on the Obama these guys only brought one change of clothes or something?

Menendez is apparently one of those people who gets as close to you as possible when he talks to you. Also, it looks like his eye went from milky white to black.

Stealth Camo makes a triumphant return. People target me anyways.

I needed a target finder this mission, even with it I thought this guy was a friendly after I killed him, which is why there is a long audio pause after he dies, I started apologizing for killing the enemy.

The shock charge is an interesting weapon, like a plantable flashbang or something. Planting a couple in one spot in multiplayer is pretty common and annoying to deal with.