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Part 15: Episode 12: Good Day LA

Episode 12: Good Day LA
Updated audio for everyone.

Things to Notice

Looks like Clinton, sounds like Palin, the perfect president for 2025.

A note about anti-air weapons in this game: They are near useless but still appear in the launchers category of weapons. Unless you plan on taking down a quad-rotor with one it wouldn't make sense to carry them. I thought it was a nice touch that you never need one in the game.

This first turret section is alright, the "track to lock" thing is a lie, just look at one and you lock.

I wish I had time in the video to fully point out the problems with the "F-38." Those front jets are an issue because if this thing works like other jet engines it's just firing out compressor air, which won't provide a ton of thrust to the stabilizing "thrusters" there. Next is the question of how the thing is staying up because it appears to have two thrust vectoring engines, but no lift fan. Also, no intakes, unless the rectangular features at the start of each wing are supposed to be hallow and not solid like they appear. Also, there's no gun on the thing, but when we fly it there is clearly a gun. Someone just didn't want to pay to use the F-35 I think.

I toyed with putting on a Billy Joel song at this point.

Use the access kit and you get another turret section. Too bad they forgot to program enemies in and you can't exit until it is blown up.

How/Why would a Navy SEAL know how to fly a state of the art jet?

Edit: Found the problem. I'll have a re-done video up by the end of the day.