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by Lazyfire

Part 16: Episode 13: AMERICA WINS AGAIN

Last level and it can play out one of two ways, and then based on other decisions made through the game the end sequences are different. Except for the Avenged Sevenfold thing, that is always stupid.

No "Things to Notice" this episode, we have to make some decisions regarding what choices you want changed. I'll record the differences and put them into a video along with the ending we get from them.

Here are the choices as the thread made them the first time around:

1) Do we complete the remaining Strike Force Missions (not so cryptic, but I need an answer)? Missions completed

2) The enemy of your enemy is being kidnapped while you are under heavy assault. Do you stay back and try to survive or risk everything to stop the kidnapping? Kidnapping Stopped

3) Your worst enemy is in your sights. Do you go for the easy kill or make him suffer first? Suffer

4)You are a deep cover agent. Do you do everything you can to keep that cover or do you risk exposure to end things right away? Keep in cover

5) The avatar of all you hate is defenseless in front of you. They have never wronged you personally, however. Do you spare them or act on just hate? Didn't hurt 'em, Hammer

6)Do you want answers or just revenge? Answers

What I'll be looking for is thread consensus on what we should change. If we don't complete the strike force missions I just have to jump a few extra levels back, but if we decide to not stop the kidnapping as well the thread has to decide if it is OK to take on another strike force mission to try to rescue Karma anyways.

Start voting on what changes you want to see, but don't vote for a wholesale rejection of our decisions, it will be far more interesting to see what minor turning points feed into each other than it would be to see a completely opposite ending.