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Part 17: Strike Force: Commander Mode = Worst Mode

Strike Force: Commander Mode = Worst Mode

So this is what happens when you try to run everything from commander mode. Notice how it takes me nearly three minutes to get people to an objective.

We're still in need of votes on the following choices:

1) Do we complete the remaining Strike Force Missions (not so cryptic, but I need an answer)? Missions completed
Three (two votes and a coin flip) say we don't complete the missions this time around. Several have asked that we do complete but do it in commander mode. I've proposed doing a video with just commander mode to show it off.

2) The enemy of your enemy is being kidnapped while you are under heavy assault. Do you stay back and try to survive or risk everything to stop the kidnapping? Kidnapping Stopped
Four votes for not bothering with Karma this time around. Three votes for letting her go and then saving her in a Strike Force Mission.

If you haven't voted now's the time, you can decide some important factors on these two alone. On the Karma one, if you don't think we should save her outright please specify if we should go after he in the strike force mission.