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Original Thread: Where it all began. Let's play and learn with Call of Duty 1!



Back in 2003, a totally unknown little game company called Infinity Ward came to Activision and pitched them a very pretty vision. This vision, put simply, was 'Medal of Honor, perfected'. All 22 of the Infinity Ward team had come from that game, you see, and they had big ideas on how to make the next game one of the biggest, most spine-busting games in history.

Activision, in a fit of patronage rarely witnessed, decided that these 22 upstarts had a good idea, and put their money where their mouth was. They bought 30% of this wild card company, and told them to make the best goddamn game they could.

14 months later, Call of Duty was born. And the FPS market hasn't quite been the same since.

The LP
I will be doing post-commentary on the main campaign of this game, covering all the levels. Unlike the more recent Call of Duty incarnations, Call of Duty 1 puts you in World War 2 as an American paratrooper, a British SAS commando, and a Soviet sniper. As always, my true blue homie TheLastRoboKy will be joining me. This game is an extremely tense, but extremely linear manshoot - there are no secrets or easter eggs to explore, and the game itself is polished to a near-metallic sheen that means bugs are extremely minimal. This includes amusing ones, sadly. You can expect the normal passion and zest for gaming that Roboky and I try so hard to bring to you, but there will be fewer what the fuck moments in this game than in our previous LPs. To add a new dimension to the one that's being lessened, this LP will also encompass all sorts of history porn for those of you that are as enamored with mankind's finest and darkest hour as much as Roboky and I are. We are huge history buffs, and we intend to fill the thread with as many cool stories and discussions as we can manage. Each update will have an update on the general condition of the war, and as many individual, relevant stories as we can find. Commentary in the videos will be a little bit lighter on history notes just because this game moves so extremely fast, and is so tension-soaked. I sometimes worry about recording 40 minutes of video, only to get done and realize it was actually 15-20. That's how 'on' I am playing this game.

As far as the game itself, I will be playing on the second hardest difficulty, Hardened. The hardest difficulty removes health packs from the game entirely. While realistic in that one cannot just absorb red crosses into their body to regenerate bullet wounds, this also makes the game extremely annoying to play. The objectives you receive often send you directly into the line of fire. Without any way to recover your health, you really just have to pray the AI is dumb enough to miss you.

Call of Duty 1 got an extremely badass expansion in United Offensive. It added three more campaigns of brutal difficulty. After a short break for multiplayer, I will be doing United Offensive in this thread.

Call of Duty 1 had an amazing multiplayer mode that directly challenged CounterStrike's domination of serious FPS play for a long time. My introduction to clan play was with CoD1. We will be doing a handful of exhibition games after we finish the original campaign. Keep your eyes peeled in the thread for details!

Supporting the LP!
I'm serious about this LP being a place for serious learning about the human story behind World War 2. We will touch most of the major theaters of the late part of the war, so if you have a story from your grandparents, a cool, little known historical story, or anything of the sort, feel free to post it! Also, if you have a personal connection to the war somehow, please get in touch via PM or through our email at We're already planning on having a retired British paratrooper commentate with us during the British campaign to enlighten us to not just the deeper details behind what we're seeing, but also how the war is understood today. If you can give us this sort of insight, I urge you to get in touch!

The updates
Note: Remember that this is a 'realistic' game. A lot of darker colors are used in the landscape, enemy uniforms, etc. This means the game does not show up very well against Youtube's white background. The recommended way to view these videos is 720/1080p, full screen. Polsy's mirror makes it quite a bit better, but if you are having trouble seeing the action just go full screen/fill the browser window. The game is really not that dark, it just looks that way when it's contrasted against a huge white border.


United Offensive updates

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