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Part 3: Brecourt Manor

Call of Duty, Episode 3: Brecourt Manor Youtube, Polsy
Another daytime mission. I just realized about 15 seconds ago that I forgot to add in the subtitles for the German in this episode, but it is not terribly important or interesting (unlike the conversation between the soldiers in episode 1) so I am just gonna go ahead and release the episode anyway. I will probably replace it in a day or two with the subtitles put in.

For those of you who don't want to wait, this is for the German radio in the middle of the video, near where we pick up some enemy documents. It's just general radio chatter.

Radio: --1 MG42 squad.
Radio: Tell Command we're attacking. Send reinforcements.
Radio: Split up. Sergeant Major! Flank them with 3 men. I will provide cover fire.
Radio: Check your guns. We don't want any jams!