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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

by Fleve

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Original Thread: Did I Ever Tell Ya 'Bout The Time I Let's Played Call of Juarez Gunslinger?



Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is the latest, 2013 release in the Call of Juarez series. Like its predecessors, it’s a first person shooter developed by Polish developer Techland who you might also know from the Dead Island series and Dying Light. Gunslinger follows the story of bounty hunter Silas Greaves as he reminisces about a past where he shoots his way across the Wild West to settle an old score. The narration is done by the same Silas Greaves which sometimes means that Silas literally makes up a bunch of tall tales for us to play through. Why should you watch this? Well, there’s:

The Good
It’s a hella fine game. Great voice acting, good graphics, and just a load of gun-toting fun. Like in the previous games, the soundtrack is composed by Pawel Blaszczak who has also worked on music for other Techland games, as well as a few more peaceful soundtracks for the first The Witcher soundtrack, such as River of Life. Taking the narration from Bastion as an inspiration, Silas makes for a great, raspy, but sometimes unreliable narrator. It’s a fun, perhaps a bit short game, but that also means it doesn’t outlive its welcome.

The Bonus
There are ‘Nuggets of Truth’ hidden throughout the game; small snippets of interesting backstory on some of the legendary figures and historical events that the story touches upon. The ‘nuggets’ are worth reading so I hope to collect them without adding too much unnecessary exploring.

And the Unnecessary
Unless I show some particularly terrible skill, there shouldn’t be a lot of ugly present, but I’m not some FPS superstar so I can’t promise that I’ll always murder everyone with consummate proficiency. Finally, I enjoy digging around a bit so I'll probably end up adding trivia, concept art, and whatever else I can find.


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