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Part 14: Miscellaneous: Links

Now that we’re through the game, I can finally link to a bunch of developer videos I thought were neat. They’re all up on Techland’s youtube channel as well as their Gunslinger site. I’ve linked to a few of the more interesting ones below.

1: The Ballad of Silas Greaves. Technically a trailer, but it’s really just a nice mashup of art and game moments set under a ballad.
2: The Story of Gunslinger. Haris Orkin, the American voice and story consultant for the game, talks for roughly 8 minutes about the game’s story. He’s easy to listen to and explains multiple of the inspirations for the game.
3: An Interactive Art Book. You can click the annotations to see concept art of nearly everything in the game.
4: How the West Was Won, a developer video talking about the game’s art, music, story and certain design decisions. (The first 4 minutes are interesting, after that it switches to community feedback stuff and it’s just a bunch of waffle).

Finally, unlike the other titles so far, the last title wasn’t a movie reference (The Man With No Brothers -> The Man With No Name). The ‘Dollars trilogy’ movies (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) all have a very similar main character, with the same actor (Clint Eastwood) and attire (the iconic poncho, cigarillo). Commonly he’s referred to as “The Man With No Name”. Going by the poncho, I think Techland took him as an inspiration for Silas Greaves’ appearance.

What always struck me a bit odd is the slightly Indian look on Silas’ facial features though, never figured out whether that was intentional or not and it doesn’t come through in the cutscenes or art either.