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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

by Fleve

Part 15: Duels: A Dance of Fire and Lead

Some general stuff on the duel mode for people who don’t own the game. There are 15 rounds with a total of 17 enemies, each round has an increasingly larger amount of points available. You don’t get more points for a higher focus/speed, but it makes hitting your target easier and faster, and faster kills earn you more points. Without enough focus, your cross-hairs are silly huge and you have to get lucky for a hit, without enough speed you'll probably not even be able to draw in time before you're shot. Headshots give a bonus so they’re close to mandatory for a highscore. You start with 5 lives and you get a bonus at the end for each one you retain. You can choose to shoot early, before your enemy draws, but that’ll make the kill dishonorable and you don’t get any points except for the headshot bonus.

I got a bit lucky, especially at the end. I don't think I'll get a better run any time soon.

Final Nugget of Truth:

A member of John Kinney's gang during the Lincoln County War in New Mexico, he was allegedly killed by Selman's Scouts near Seven Rivers, New Mexico in 1878. However, there were rumors that the corpse was misidentified and that Bryant kept on living, joining other gangs and continuing his criminal career.

Supposedly, he started as a grunt in the gang of one Juan "Juarez" Mendoza after the McCall brothers - Ray and Thomas - nearly took out the entire gang all by themselves. This forced the Mexican bandit to recruit any and all troublemakers, even some from across the border. That was young Bryant's ticket to a life of crime, which brought him, if the rumors are to be believed, under the wings of two, at the time, fairly anonymous gunslingers: Johnny Ringo and Jim Reed, hired to help Juan Mendoza rebuild his fearsome reputation after the beating it took from the McCalls.

Bryant's first murder was the lynching of the Greaves brothers. This he committed with his more famous companions after the youngest Greaves dared to beat the bandits at a poker table.