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Captain America and The Avengers

by GamesAreSupernice

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Let's Play "Captain America and The Avengers"

Captain America and The Avengers was originally a beat 'em up released in arcades. It shortly after received two attempts at a faithful recreation on the Super Nintendo and Genesis/Mega Drive, along with two unique side-scrollers for the NES and Game Gear. We're of course interested in the SNES/Genesis titles. Or rather, the Genesis title, since it isn't poopy like its counterpart. Anyway, the version we've got our hands on is developed by Opera House. They've recreated other Data East titles, and they did a splendid job with this one as well. The controls are responsive, fast, and there's even cheesy voice clips to complete the authentic arcade feel. We're going to be experiencing the whole glorious game as Captain America himself, since everyone else is kinda less good.


Scene 1: The Avengers

Scene 2: Target Town

Scene 3: Challenge from The Bottom of The Sea

Scene 4: The Giant Laser Cannon

Scene 5: The End of Red Skull

Extra Scene: The Super Nintendo

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