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by Diabetus

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Original Thread: The greatest superhero to ever grace a console...Captain Novolin! [Video]



Captain Novolin, perhaps the greatest game ever released for the Super Nintendo. An educational game that aims to teach kids and their parents about something called dyeuhbehtees.

Hello, my name's Diabetus. You may remember me from the fun times had in Battletoads in Battlemaniacs. A few people requested that I do Captain Novolin, and I had some reservations because the game is so terrible and it seems kinda gimmicky to play a game like this...


...My two guests and I had so much fun doing commentary for it that I felt like it should have its own thread.

So here's what you should know. Every video has already been recorded and they are all ready to upload. As such, I can't really take requests for things to do. To give the thread at least a little longevity, I will upload either one or two videos a day, and there are eight levels total. Every video features the same three guys shootin' the shit and having a fun time, so I'm afraid there's no commentator rotation here. Also, every video is post-commentary. I recorded the game with ZSNES and sent the levels to my buddies, and we all played Windows Media Player at the same time.

So here we go!

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