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Original Thread: Getting Wasted while Driving: Let's Play Carmageddeon!



Getting Wasted While Driving: Let's Play Carmageddon!

wait .. what?

Looks ... pleasant

Make no mistake, Carmageddon is not the game for everybody. Released in 1997, this game is the love child of Mad Max, Death Race 2000 and Mortal Kombat. If that doesn't tell you everything you ever needed to know about the game, well, I'm not sure about you any more.

No, please tell me more!

Carmageddon is a racing game. But instead of completing laps on an closed circuit, you can win by actually completing the race (BORING!), by destroying/wasting all the other competitors (FUN!), or by killing every last pedestrian on the map (TEDIOUS!). And all this is set in various open world maps where going off the course is not only encouraged, but vital to win in some cases!

So, how will this be done?

Well, I and my co-drivers AJ_Impy and Speedball will be commentating over the videos. I will endeavour to show off every track (easy) and as many other cars as I can. I do not guarantee success as I think I've only ever gotten the vehicle on the Rank 9 track ... once. Additional Backseat Drivers are always welcome - just bring your helmets. You'll need them. If you want to, you can PM me, or leave me a note here. I use Skype for my calls, so that is kinda necessary.

To that end, the first four videos will show off the first couple races, alternating between our two initial cars. MAX DAMAGE is in the Red, and is the poster boy for the series as a whole, while DIE ANNA is in the yellow. So please,
VOTE for which racer you would like me to use through the whole of the game, as I don't want to have to run two playthroughs side by side until I open up new cars.

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