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Original Thread: Another schnitzel? Or a Carte Blanche SSLP?



Let's play Carte Blanche: First Episode - For a Fistful of Teeth

Start by taking a look at the UK retail cover...

A game so good it came with a demo for Limbo of the Lost as a bonus.


Once upon a time there was an indie French-Canadian game developer Absurdus. In 2002 they made an adventure game called Eye of the Kraken which is a closed-space conspiracy investigation and treasure hunt. Sort of like The Last Express, on acid. If you want a game where smoking a shrimp through a hookah lets you talk to Karl Marx help yourself to it, it's now freeware.

Eye of the Kraken ended on a cliffhanger, so naturally the next game by Absurdus, Carte Blanche: First Episode - For a Fistful of Teeth, was completely unrelated to it. Released in 2006 this film noir gritty PI murder mystery featured the murder of graphics, the mystery of atrocious voice acting, and a cliffhanger ending after less than three hours. You can buy it for

Absurdus did announce a combined sequel to both games, The Eight Tentacles of the Apocalypse, and even made a trailer for it, but the studio is currently hibernating, the lazy bastards.

Another schnitzel?
Bless you. Carte Blanche is a point & click game of morbid and random humour, simple puzzles and odd characters. If follows the adventures of an Edgar Delacroix who moves to Montreal to become a man. We help him on his journey by building up his skills in a variety of ways. The game has "RPG elements", and some of the content can be blocked off if you miss a chance to improve your stats. It's nothing critical, but the character export feature allows you to carry over Edgar and all of his abilities into the second episode. That is, if Absurdus ever makes one.

My ears!
Ah, I see you've watched the first video bonus. Indeed, the voice acting in Carte Blanche is horrifying. People like to bitch about VAs in many games sounding flat. Cart Blanche will make you realize that actors sounding like they speak English is already an achievement.

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