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Part 6: Tooth 6. Fire of God.

Tooth 6. Fire of God.

Edgar's stats

Naiveté 9
Reputation 1

Barter 4
Bitterness 1
Corruption 2
Deduction 2
Examination 4
Music 1
Observation 4
Persuasion 5
Searching 2
Spying 3
Taxidermy 1

: Last time we located our prime suspects in a break-in case: Mario and Luigi.

: Let's get to know them better than just at the buttock birthmark level.

Twins > Talk > Women

: must have a lot of success with women! (VA: "SUCKses with woman")

: Hell yeah! In fact, these days I'm seeing another man's girl.

: What about you Luigi?

: Me too! I mean, I also have a gal.

: For real? That's news

: Well, err... You know, it's... It's not totally sure yet.

Talk > Stolen icon

: I hear you wanted to pay with Byzantine icons? That's... quite rare!

: Eh! It's Luigi, that imbecile! I told you it was for Mama!

: But I didn't have no money no more!

: What did you do with your share?

: Nothing... Nothing special.

: Well, it's nice having fun between friends, but me and my gal have a rendezvous and I don't want to be late. Then I'll go have a small nap.

And they're both gone, but...

: You recognize me? I'm Alphetius, a friend of Gaspard. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you're suspecting these guys of something.

: Yes, we remember you. I'm pretty sure we had to talk to you before we could talk to the two idiots.

: I guess it's time I show you the basics of tailing. Although these two... a mammoth could tail them without them noticing.

: And we watch a little more of this cutscene...

: There were are.

: Easy as can be. I suppose this is the two morons' den. I, personally, am not going in there. I don't want to take the chance of meeting their mother. And my whisky is waiting for me at the bar...

: And that was another stat we'll never use or improve ever again.

: The only thing of interest here is the door.

> Open

: The door is locked.

> Knock

: No answer.

: Remember that thing we got in the mail?

: Hmmm... Picking a lock with a paper clip... I guess that could work! Especially considering this is a Fire of God paper clip.

: So that's the fire of God! In any case, it works! Too bad the paper clip was consumed in the process.

: We've wasted the fire of God to get... here?

: The room on the right reveals...

: It's just like Ali Baba's cavern. I wouldn't know my big toe from a frying pan in here. If there's anything important in there, I'll never find it... at least not without divine intervention.

: How's this for a divine intervention?

: Now that's a good idea: to cleanse with fire! The local hygiene committee will probably award me a medal.

: There is no Arson skill in the game, sadly.

: Much better...

> Searching [2]

: What am I seeing? An intact Byzantine icon amongst the ashes! One thing or the other... Either God exists and he takes care of religious artifacts, or Telesphore treats his cheap imitations to make them fire-resistant.

: After burning down the living room, Edgar takes a peek into the kitchen.

> Searching [2]

: They seems to have a taste for herring, there's a whole school of them here. I suppose they wouldn't mind if I take one. Who knows, I might have to bribe some swedish guy.

: Not unless your fish is explosive and rocket-propelled.

: Anyway, this kitchen is an infinite source of herring. That's important. Now let's go into the room on the left.

: My eyes! Look at the pictures, the pictures!

> Observation [4]

: On the side of Mario's bed, there's a picture of the woman from the hotel. On the side of Luigi's bed, there's the picture of a stern old woman looking a lot like the Strozzi brothers themselves. The matriarch, I presume.

: We can't ignore the source of the loud snoring any longer.

: That's... quite a selection.

> Wake up

: Wake up, Fatty! Useless...

: Edgar kicks only once, but gifs fix that.

> Spying [3]

: ...maybe I'm taking this detective job a bit too seriously.

> Observation [5]

: How elegant! Hmmm... I can see his distinguishing birthmark from here. If my memory is correct: Mario's looks like Idaho and Luigi's like Texas... It's a shame my knowledge of American geography is so limited.

> Photos

: No doubt about it, this is the man I saw at the Roger Hotel. The birthmark is exactly the same.

> Magnifying glass

: If there's one single thing on Earth I don't want to see this close, it's certainly that moron in his birthday suit!

: Before we can efficiently question the sleeping giant, Edgar needs some scientific help with the US of A.

: Well, why not?

: What can you tell me about this herring?

: Only that it really doesn't belong in my office.

Talk > Texas

: Do you happen to know what Texas looks like?

: I'm not really specialized in geography, but I do.

: Could you draw it for me? (VA *quietly*: Please?)

: I have something better for you. The American scientific community keeps harassing me so that I join them... Each year they send me a map of the United States to entice me. I can give you one if you want.

: That would be great, thanks!

: By the way...

: Stop it! I may be poor, but I'm not a seal!

: Let's see... This birthmark clearly has the shape of Texas. Consequently, this individual is without a doubt Luigi Strozzi!

> Herring

: Why not serve him breakfast in bed?

: What are you doing here?

: Oh.

: Ewwww...

: Actually, I'm not really sure myself.

Talk > Small talk

: So, keeping the shape?

: Yes, I'm on a strict herring diet.

: Herring & schnitzel, the video.

Talk > Examination [4]

: It's Byzantine, probably, but let's ask.

: Now you'll be a good boy and tell me where you found the Byzantine icon.

: Well... er... we found it.

: Really? Where?

: In some back alley.

: You're lying! Admit it: you stole the icon!

: No! We'd never do anything like that!

> Persuasion [5]

: Sounds like a plan.

: Now let's get down to business! Spit it or I'll tell Mario everything about you and his girl.

: Huh? How... I... That's a complete misunderstanding, I am Mario!

: Ah! You'll have to do better than that! By shamelessly sleeping naked, you've exposed your trademark: a birthmark resembling the state of Texas!

: Damn! You're too strong! Please don't tell anything to my brother, he's kill me!

: Now, if you don't get the map, the only argument Edgar has is that this guy is sleeping in Luigi's bed, which is easily countered by a claim that this bed is better, or something like that.

: It will stay between us if you kindly answer my questions.

: Yes Sir!

: Excellent job, Edgar.

> Examination [4]

: First of all, the Byzantine icon, you stole it, right?

: It's true, we wanted to give it to our mother. She really enjoys the religious stuff. Too bad we lost it somewhere.

: You stole it from the antique shop?

: Yes, right.

: What did you do with the Mexican statue?

: Oh, this one wasn't for us. It was just a contract for some rich collector.

: His name?

: He didn't tell us. But I can give you his address. He lives in Westmount. I don't care because he said he'd never do business with us again.

: Excellent, thank you. And don't worry about Mario, I won't tell him anything.

: Before I leave, I grab another herring. You lose it every time you wake up Luigi.

: There's the new location on the map, but we don't go there yet. We haven't had a chance to chat with Alphetius yet.

: Are you okay?

: Papers to sign... That's exactly what she said the last time! My God! It brings back horrible memories!

: Can you be more specific?

: Words cannot express it!

: Remember that dead icon lover?

: Spirit of Ivan Shopliftin, I summon you with this icon!

: Bringing a nice icon to the good old Ivan? Oh but... What is this cheap old rotten imitation?! Would you believe I interrupted a chess game with Louis the XIVth to come see that?

: Dead Ivan, the video.

: He leaves, and so should we. Let's see the guy who wanted the statue stolen.

: The police are more efficient that people think! How have you discovered the antique shop robbery's sponsor?

: What?!

: Yes, that's where the guy who paid the Strozzi brothers to steal the statue lives.

: Are you sure of that?

: Of course! But if you didn't know that, what are you doing here?

: The old mother McCullough called us to report that her son disappeared.

: Hmm... A guy organized the theft of an antique artifact and disappears! This plot is getting more and more interesting! (at last)

: It makes things more simple if you ask me. If I find McCullough, I'll be solving two cases at once!

: May I speak to the old lady?

: Let the police take care of that. In any case, the woman must be around 120 years old. You wouldn't get much out of her.

: Maybe we can get him to leave...

Talk > Small talk

: Tell me, is your wife's name Juliette?

: No, her name is Germaine and she's an alcoholic. Any other questions?

: No... Not really.

: Time for the serious skills.

> Persuasion [6]

: Let me in and I promise this case will be solved in no time.

: You think your puny persuasion competence can impress me? I've been doing this job for 20 years, I must have something like 30 in persuasion resistance!

: Romeo's mad skills, the video.

: Damn, he's too strong! However, I happen to know that all we need for infiltrating this house can be obtained from Remy at the docks.

: Perhaps you could help me.

: What seems to be the problem?

: I want to get into a mansion, but the police are guarding the door.

: Don't worry about the police, they'll be gone at five.

: Excellent!

: Yes, that bit of dialogue removes Romeo from the door.

> Knock

: No answer... The old lady must be deaf as a post.

> Open

: The door is locked... If only I had a Fire of God paper clip!

: Wait...

: The porch steps are inconsistent, the door is a dead end, but we can also check out the back yard.

Cellar > Examine

: This door must lead to the cellar.

> Open

: Blast! Back to Remy!

: Problem is the door is locked.

: Have you tried the Fire of God paper clip?

: They're great, but I used my last one.

: Too bad they're so expensive.

: There's a cellar door in the back, but it's got a lock.

: That could be a good place to start. When I need something from the shed, I hit the lock with a brick. It usually works.

: Back to the mansion!

: Hmmm... Almost there! Done!

Cellar > Open

: Uh...

: Oink, Oink!

: Oh yes, good job, great imitation! Now tell me who you are and what you're doing in my neighbour's backyard. Hurry, or I'll call the police!

> Talk

: Moo! Moo!

: Will you stop taking me from a fool?

> Corruption [2]

: Okay, alright, I'm a burglar. Is there anything I could do to buy your silence?

: Hmm... My neighbor is very well equipped in golf gear. I don't think he would notice if you could get me a nice golf club. You're nobody around here if you don't play that sport.

: Ok, I'll find you one.

: Oink, oink, the video. Whose accent is worse?

: At last we can go in.

: Good, a golf club for the irritating neighbor.

: Is there anything else of interest?

: A full barrel of 20 year old Scotch whisky! I see the man is doing pretty well!

: What's behind that door on the left?

: This has to be one of the greatest source of frustration in this job.

: Agreed. Let's give that club to the nosy bastard.

: Arg!

: Did you get it?

: That's strange, he doesn't answer.

> Talk

: You're still there?

: ...

: Hmmm, no answer.

: The club respawns and we can take it again without breaking any scripts. Our true goal is the skeleton near the barrel.

> Examine

: If I may trust my basic anatomical knowledge, I would say this is... or was actually... a cat. I wonder what could have happened to him!

> Magnifying glass

: I've never seen one quite like that. I'll take it, it might be of some importance.

: Damn, looks like the old lady's looking for her cat...

: I just have to add some subs for better coverage.

: AAAaaaa...

: AAAAAaaaaa...aa...aa...aa


: The VA says "schnitzel" instead of "shit".

: I'm getting (VA: the schnitzel) out of here!

: Heart attack, the video.