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Carte Blanche

by SelenicMartian

Part 10: Tooth 10. To Be Continued...

Tooth 10. To Be Continued...

Edgar's final stats

Naiveté 6
Reputation 2

Barter 5
Bitterness 1
Break-in 1
Corruption 4
Deduction 3
Examination 4
Music 2
Observation 6
Persuasion 6
Scam 7
Searching 3
Spying 3
Tail 1
Taxidermy 2
Ventriloquy 7
Wrestling 7

: This is it!

: And yet another victory over the colonials!

: Now you can free McCullough just like you promised.

: That's very funny. The deal was I'd forget about the ants. Anyway, I think most of them already escaped from their boxes. Oh well, once I finish reading the new ritual from this book, written by an anthropologist from Cambridge, and I'll be ready for the human sacrifice.

: Ah, the agony of choice. Let's see all three methods of getting rid of the ultimate threat.


: In English?

: I don't really care for the white man's sacrifice. Just get me back my teeth, will you? I've been eating soup and porridge for weeks!

: Alright! Sorry guys, but I have to go!

: Have a good trip and my greetings to Atahualpa. Sacrifice him a big juicy steak on my behalf.

: In English, the video.



: Please, never make Edgar's VA say words like 'anthropologist' again. He might dislocate his jaw.

: No, I can't say I have, why?

: There's an article in on ancient central American civilizations. Amongst other things it says there actually never were human sacrifices. The conquistadors invented that to make the Indians look like savages.

: What?! These rotten imperialist dogs! That's unacceptable! I'll show the world how tender and respectuous of human rights the Mayans were! Excuse me, but I have a lot of work to do.

: No problem!

: Respectuous, the video.


: Of course, the ending that fits Edgar's new 'Naiveté 6' personality the most is the


: My collection is complete!

: Can someone tell me where I could take a train to Mexico?

: Of course. When you get out of this building. follow the street to the right. Walk until you cross the rails and then follow the tracks to the station.

: Thank you my friend.


: Here starts the proper ending, identical for all options.

: How much does your agency charge for hostage release?

: I'll leave you my card. Call my secretary and she'll send you the bill.

: Thank you, I'll gladly pay full price.

: I hope you'll have learned a lesson about cultural plundering.

: With a sleuth like you in town, I wouldn't dare!

: Then, all is well that ends well!

: We've received both Mr. McCullough's and Telesphore's payments. I'm even considering paying you this week! Oh yes, and there's someone waiting on the phone for you. It might be a client, so make an effort not to look too dumb.

: How may I help you?

: You... bastards! You made me run around town asking the stupid question, and now you throw it at me in the end!

: Oh? Can I screw this up?

: Jeannine is the one in charge of buying the office's stationary.

: Stationary what?

: Perhaps I made a mistake...

: Another what?

: Schnitzel, another schnitzel! Doesn't that ring a bell?

: Fine, Absurdus...

: With apple sauce, bitte.

: M. Delacroix, I can help you find Gaspard Lemaotre's murderers. But you'll be needing balls of steel.


: Edgar realizes that the schnitzel had a sequel hook in it.

: When? Where is my second episode or the tentacles of the apocalypse game?

: Wrestling and the finishing touches, the video.

: Look at all those people more competent than House of Tales!

: Well, you know... If there has to be a boss, why not a young inexperienced boy you can manipulate at will. Everybody knows who's the real boss around here!

: The end credits are sprinkled with characters expressing their personalities.

: At least the style is... memorable? The faces are based more on moai than on people, but it works.

: What did that look like, I wonder.

: You can't understand the rules of business! I also think he should do a little body building. It would suit him well.

: Telesphore probably doesn't remember being wrestled.

: This is starting to look like a one-man production. Don't tell me he voiced everyone.

: They did well too. Probably.

: I see, Jonathan is a man of many talents.

: Perhaps he'll teach them some notion of syntax!

: It's impressive they got so many people to act so badly together.

: He wouldn't have lasted five minutes here.

: This game has music in most locations but for some reason outside of cutscenes the tracks play only occasionally.

: My guess is, one did the recording and the other one owned the mike.

: In my book, that's very positive.

: The people 15 Days lacked so massively. I mean, Carte Blanche had oddities, but it also had proofreading.

: Oh, come on, it can't be that bad! Edgar has learned taxidermy from... looking at the stuffed shark, turkey and camel in his room... Oh dear.

: Damn, they take their testing seriously in Canada.

: Nice one.

: Should I know him? You know, I see so many people here. I don't intend on spending my whole life here, you know? I'm very ambitious! What do I want? Well it's not easy to say just like that... First of all, make more money, that's for sure. Then, find a job that really suits my personality, a job in which I could use all my potential, you see? It's a good thing to stop once in a while, in this crazy 20th century. We're not machines after all!

: The most pointless side character gets the longest post-game speech.

: How about getting some more fans by making another game, huh?

: Eight years and counting. Where's the sequel?

: Of which there are none...

No, Absurdus, playing Korobeiniki (aka the Tetris song) over the curtain does not make things better.

: It does makes an edgar.sav file as promised.

: The end, the video.

: And that was Carte Blanche. An eventually morbid short adventure game without Tower of Hanoi and sliding puzzles, yet with tons of optional dialogue to explore.